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Best Vastu Shastra Classes in Jaipur India | Services

Get vastu services by best vastu expert in jaipur at vaastuved. Bring all positivity to your place and benefits of happiness, harmony and growth. Also join best vastu classes in jaipur, India by acharya Anupam Jolly.<br>

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Best Vastu Shastra Classes in Jaipur India | Services

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  1. Basic Vastu Tips for Your Place The ancient Hindu mythology based shastra having rules and conditions for building any place is called “Vastu Shastra”. Many people across world have strong believe in vastu shastra and follows it strongly to achieve success. Basically, Vastu shastra is the ancient vedic science essentially dealing with directions along with the five basic elements of nature. This incorporates balance between all energies existing in the universe. It is believed that all forces should be balanced to bring happiness and well being. The basic and primary approach of vastu is bringing all positivity to inhabitants and the area surrounding it. Term vastu is derived and spreaded among the world by lord Vishwakarma. He gave this auspicious knowledge. It is mostly concerned about Vastu Purusha Position. And thus, before initiating any construction, Vastu Purusha is worshiped. There is all Vastu Tips for already Built Consrtuction. One interested in these tips can get online or by consulting vastu expert. Even know, for interested or keen knowledge gainers, provision of Online Vastu Courses are also there. One of Best vastu classes in jaipur India also gives online courses and consultaion for this. According to vastu shastra, the pooja room should be in east, north or north-east corner of the house. It is strongly advised not to make puja room in bed room, kitchen and toilet. Not even areas in touch with toilets. In fact not to place any idols in bed rooms. Along with this, the materials related with Pooja should be placed in southeast of the room. The pooja rooms should always be placed ion ground floor rather than basement or any other floor. According to shastra, bathroom in the house should be made according to shastra. It may be placed in west or northwest direction of the house. It should be avoided in east and north east directions. Even in bathrooms, the taps and showers should also be placed in north direction. Every house has safe guards and lockers. They play most important precious role in house. According to Indian vastu shastra the lockers should be placed in south-west corner of the house. This brings all

  2. success and prosperity to the house and person living in that house. The wall and floor of the locker room must be in yellow to attract positive powers. It must be clutter free and always kept clean. To check whether your place is according to vastu or having some defects because of that you are facing problems, get Best consultation or prefers for best vastu services in jaipur India.

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