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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Starting in 1993, Vac Systems has developed a wide range of quality residential and commercial air duct cleaning products.

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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

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  1. Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Air Duct Cleaning Equipment, Products & Solutions Starting in 1993, Vac Systems has developed a wide range of quality residential and commercial air duct cleaning products. maximize your cleaning productivity (for greater profits) maximize you cleaning quality (for greater customer satisfaction) minimize your operating and owning costs (for greater savings) Right air duct cleaning tool for your job/project The right cleaning tool can make a big difference in your air duct cleaning quality and productivity! Based on years of “hands on” experience Vac Systems International offers you a wide choice of “field proven” cleaning systems including air washing tools, air whip systems, dryer vent cleaning tools, drill driven brushing systems, pneumatic brushing systems, long reach brushing systems and contact vacuum systems. Reach your goals of higher productivity, higher cleaning quality and higher customer satisfaction with the right cleaning tool(s) for the job! Negative air units Negative air units and air scrubbers are used to filter air and maintain a positive or negative air pressure differential in a containment. These units are used by contractors on a wide variety of projects for air duct cleaning, fire restoration work, mold and mildew restoration work, construction and demolition work etc. They play an important part in maintaining a health and safe environment for both workers and occupants in a building.

  2. Super Air Compressor Systems The family of Super Air Compressors gives you the quality and performance you need for years of dependable service. An air compressor is an important part of your air duct cleaning team by providing the cfm (air volume) and psi (air pressure) you need to effectively operate your air washing tools, whip systems and pneumatic tools. Choose from two electric models and two gas models. Others sizes are also available on special order basis. Customer Benefits Choose from 9 hp portable and 13 hp van/trailer mount gas compressors. Choose from 1.5 hp 110-volt portable and 5 hp 220-volt portable electric compressors. All have large 20 or 30 gallon receiver tanks for productivity and most have inline water filter and dual air line hook-ups. Standard accessory package includes 200’ of air hose, 25’ skipper line with forward air nozzle, 25’ reverse skipper line with reverse air nozzle and blowgun. Vacuum collection system Your vacuum collection system can have a big impact on your productivity, operating cost and ultimately your profitability! Get the most out of your air duct cleaning operation and help insure your success with a Super Collector (with heart) from Vac Systems International! Choose from: Electric portable Super Collectors designed for residential, apartments, condos, marine, light commercial projects. Electric portable Super Collectors designed for commercial projects. Gas portable Super Collectors - for residential and low rise commercial projects. Gas truck/trailer mounts portable Super Collector - for residential and low rise commercial projects. Big truck Super Collectors - for residential and low rise commercial projects.

  3. Super Cart Spray Systems The cost to clean and coat HVAC system ductwork is typical 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacing the ductwork so it represents a real money saving option for building owners. Applying coating and sanitizer in HVAC systems is a great opportunity to better serve your customers and add another profit producing service to your company. Using a Super Cart Systems will drastically improve your spraying productivity compared to cutting access openings every 5' -10 ' and reaching in with an airless sprayer. Choose from six different systems to match your needs and budget. New Technology Improves Productivity, Safety and Cost! Every little improvement in productivity, safety and cost can end up making a big difference to an air duct cleaning contractor. Drilling a small hole into the ductwork so you can insert your cleaning tool(s) is an everyday occurrence. After the cleaning this small hole is then sealed which returns the ductwork to its original condition. Historically, contractors have used a 1” bit to drill the access hole with a cone or basket to catch the metal shavings that are generated from the drilling. After the cleaning, the 1” hole is sealed with a 1” plastic cap plug. New technology is now available to improve this process. This new process uses a 1 3/8” hole saw to drill a larger hole with significantly fewer metal shavings and a magnetic basket to capture the fewer metal shavings. Thank you for visiting our air duct cleaning website! Vac Systems International has been helping companies and people like you with their air duct cleaning needs for over 15 years. We do that by offering a full range of "field proven" air duct cleaning products and services that will maximize your cleaning productivity (for maximum profits), maximize your cleaning quality (for higher customer satisfaction) and lower operating costs (for greater savings). Our sister company is a commercial air duct cleaning contractor (since 1987) so we have a lot of "hands-on" experience and knowledge built into our products and training. We want to be your partner for the long term so please let us know how we can help you to succeed! For more information please visit http://www.vacsysint.com

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