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Duct Cleaning Machines

Work faster, work better with these super air duct cleaning solutions.<br>

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Duct Cleaning Machines

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  1. Duct Cleaning Machines

  2. Super Collector E1.5 Based on over 20 years of “hands-on” experience the Super Collector E1.5 portable collector is the ultimate vacuum collection systems for residential, apartment, condo, marine, and light commercial air duct cleaning projects. It delivers great performance (suction), excellent portability, lowest operating cost and lowest cost of ownwership.

  3. Super Collector TG31 Plus The Super Collector TG31 Plus is a self contained truck or trailer mounted vacuum collection system is designed for residential and low rise commercicial air duct cleaning projects. The TG31 Plus features built in compressor, unique enclosed filtration system, maximum static pressure rating of 30”W.C. This level of performance helps you to maximize your productity and profits!

  4. Super Truck Vac Systems International is proud to offer it's Super Truck Vacuum Collection Systems. Super Truck is designed for the air duct cleaning contractor who wants maximum marketing image and maximum performance (suction). Nothing provides the visual impact of a Super Truck on the job or as a traveling billboard as it goes from job to job. Super Trucks gives you the performance you can trust because it has been certified by an independent testing agency.

  5. Super RBS System The standard Super RBS package lets you clean ductwork from 4” to 22” high and the optional “Big Brush kit” enables you to clean ductwork from 20” to 30” high. No other brushing system gives you the different sizes and types of brushes, the unique adjustable guide system, forward and reverse air washing attachments, optional whip kit. Plus you can add the Super Inspector camera to view your cleaning!

  6. HEPA vacuum systems Portable HEPA vacuum systems are an important cleaning tool for all air duct cleaning contractors. Use these cleaning tools to contact vacuum almost any surface in and around the HVAC system and its components. Choose from four different capacities and types to meet your residential or commercial air duct cleaning needs. Excellent filtration to protect the environment and a tool kit come with each HEPA filtered vacuum.

  7. For more information please visit http://www.vacsysint.com

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