what is dry type transformer n.
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dry type transformer manufacturer

dry type transformer manufacturer

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dry type transformer manufacturer

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  1. What is dry type transformer? Vajra Transpower is one of the ​transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad​. As one of the leading distribution transformer manufacturer, it is very much famous. Dry-type transformers are also called cast resin transformer. These types of transformers have windings encased in epoxy resin. The windings make the dry type transformer installation process easier since they are dry and there is no need for oiling like an oil-cooled transformer. Also, they don’t require any fireproof vault. The layer of epoxy resin protect against dust and corrosion. Because of the easy use of the dry type transformer, it is widely used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Now, Vajra transpower is becoming one of the top power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad​. Usually, transformers are used to reduce or enhance voltage and current levels in an electrical circuit. As one of the best ​power transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad​, Vajra Transpower manufactures different types of transformers and becoming an excellent transformer manufacturing company in Hyderabad. There are a number of reasons to buy a dry-type transformer. These are very much important for safety purposes, more economical and much more efficient. More commonly, dry type transformers are used for industrial purposes and commercial applications. Also, these types of transformers are outdoor and mounted to a skid frame. Taking all these accounts, Vajra transpower is now one of the top rated transformer dealers in Hyderabad. Types of Dry Transformers There are different types of dry type transformers. In different situations and applications, dry type transformers are used. For those searching for radiance protection and advanced mechanical power, a cast oil transformer is recommended for harsher environments. • Open Wound Transformer Considered as a top power transformer distributor in Hyderabad, we manufacture different types of transformers. Open wound transformer gets its name through its manufacturing process. In its manufacturing process, “dip-and-bake” method is utilized. The coils used in these types of transformers

  2. are heated, dipped in high-temp varnish and then baked known as the open wound method. • Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) Normally, VPI transformers are used for commercial as well as industrial purposes. Vajra Transpower is one of the best power transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad. These types of Vacuum pressure impregnated have a high-temperature insulation which ranks over ‘O’ as well as ‘K’ fluid classifications. VPI transformers are made up of materials which can withstand at very high temperatures. These moisture-resistant polyester sealant, which is typically applied with a vacuum pressure impregnation strategy. types of transformers are also • Vacuum Pressure Encapsulated (VPE) We can compare VPE transformers with VPI type of transformers. But, instead of polyester, they are made up of silicon-based resin, this generates a thicker coating which is highly resistant to moisture, salt as well as high humidity, making it an extraordinary choice for harsher environments. These types of ​dry type transformers are used in environments that are susceptible to acids, chlorides and also alkalis. • Cast Coil Cast coil transformers are another type of dry type transformer and are reliable even in extreme weather and require very little maintenance. Contact Us: Website: Email: Mobile No: +91-9121685111