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In Game Video Ads for Casual Games

eb.in-games. In Game Video Ads for Casual Games. Eyeblaster Overview. The Global Leader in Digital Advertising. Eyeblaster is the global leader in rich media advertising technology and the provider of the Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform (RMP) Founded in 1999 15 Offices in 11 countries

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In Game Video Ads for Casual Games

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  1. eb.in-games In Game Video Ads for Casual Games

  2. Eyeblaster Overview The Global Leader in Digital Advertising • Eyeblaster is the global leader in rich media advertising technology and the provider of the Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform (RMP) • Founded in 1999 • 15 Offices in 11 countries • More than 130 employees • Used by thousands of agencies, publishers and creative shops • 800 live campaign at any given moment • Serving billion of impression every month

  3. Fox Group& Eyeblaster Leading with Global Presence and Support  EYEBLASTER

  4. Eyeblaster Overview Global Leader in Digital Marketing Solutions • Pioneer in proving the branding value of online advertising • Platform serves billions of ad impressions per month • More than 15,000 campaigns for premium brands have run on the platform • First rich media provider approved by Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN • More than 2,500 websites and networks worldwide support the Eyeblaster platform • Used by more than 2,500 agencies, publishers and creative shops worldwide • International world class network operations • Winner of multiple awards from organizations including ClickZ, MediaPost, IAB, and AD:TECH

  5. Eyeblaster’s Marquee Customers Deep Relationships with Leading Brands, Agencies and Publishers

  6. Understanding The Rich Media Basics Display Capabilities and Ad Format (Click to see it in action) Floating Expandable Synchronized VideoStrip Caesars 24/7 Phantom of the Opera Alexander Bahamas Air Behavioral VideoClip Polite Push Down Ray Nike MSN Music Levis Commercial Break Full Page Overlay Nissan L’Oreal

  7. Ask for Ad (Include info on the placement) Trafficking Campaign Tags Send EB Tags Call EB For Ad Report Impression, Interactions, Click Through etc EB Server Publisher Ad Server Web page Agency Starcom Advertiser Sony Pictures Publisher Yahoo Creative Shop AKQA

  8. Challenges The Industry Problem We Are Solving • 600M game downloads in 2005 • Only 12M purchased • 588M cost producers • 35,280,000,000 Minutes • 67,123 Years • 671 Centuries • .67 Millenniums • This is the opportunity

  9. This is the real reason it worksWe have numbers to prove it! + In-Game Advertising Revenue per Game Download License + Subscription Time

  10. Online Video Advertising Effective and Accountable Video/audio Rich media GIF/JPG Video ads combine television's sight, sound and motion with the Internet's immediacy and accountability to reach and engage online audiences. Consumer Response to Seeing an Online Video Ad Brand Metrics for Video/Audio vs. Rich Media vs. GIF/JPEG 100% 40% 90% 80% 70% 30% 60% 50% 20% 40% 30% 10% 20% 10% 0% 0% Visitedsite Requested info Visited store Forwarded to friend Made purchase Ordered a subscription Aided brand awareness Online ad awareness Message association Brand favorability Purchase intent Source: eMarketer, November 2005*as a % of respondents Source: Dynamic Logic MarketNorms, DoubleClick, May 2005*as a % of lift

  11. Online Video Advertising Growing Demand & High CPM Online Video Advertising 2005, By Vertical Online Video Ad Spending 2.5% 2.6% $1,600 1.6% 3.1% $1,400 Entertainment Automotive $1,200 4.2% B2B $1,000 5.1% Financial Services In millions Consumer Goods $800 6.4% 49.6% Software $600 6.7% Hardware/Electronics $400 Travel 7.9% Web Media $200 9.4% Telecom $0 Retail 2006 2007 2008 2009 2005 Source: eMarketer, 2005 “[Video] is the fastest-growing major segment of Internet advertising. And all of that is money that would have been spent on traditional advertising.” Lee Westerfield, media analyst, Harris Nesbitt Source: AdRelevance 2005 YTD

  12. Ads Sizes / In Game Format Standard Sizes 2 1 320x240 / 300x250 Streaming Video + Full Screen Video 120x90 Reminder Between level pre-roll

  13. Reporting & Tracking Complete Detailed Reports for Advertisers and Games Distributor • Reports Are Available on Standard Ad Server • Advanced Reports for Distributors and Advertisers on EB / Platform Demo • Game Related Reports

  14. Business, Money Flow – And EB Touch Points Partnership and tech integration Game Developer (GameHouse) EB In Game SDK $ (%) Business Arrangement Game Publisher (Real, Playfirst etc ) Business Arrangement $ (%) $1-$5 CPM Game Distributor (Yahoo Games) Tags from Eyeblaster Business Arrangement $10 - $50 CPM Distributor Sales Team

  15. EB Game Client Inventory Creation Game 2 Game 1 DRM Component DRM Component Notifying Event Type (1,2,3 etc) Report on Scenario in Game (Start, Level Change, Stage change) Cache on PC Send Ad per Scenario Internal Communication Layer EB Client EB Client Events Manager (Timer, Counter, Ad allocation) External Communication Layer EB Game Server

  16. Understanding The Integration The Components Naked EB Enabled Game Provided by Game Developer Mini Install Provided by EB Game is Wrapped By DRM

  17. Ask for Ad (Include info on: Game id, developer, pub, genre, sub genre, language, rating etc) Trafficking In Game Tags Send EB Tags Call RMP For Ad Report Impression per flight, creative type and game ID Send Ad Policy Report ID Ad Server Based on Event & Ad Policy – Ask for an Ad EB Enabled Game Game Load on PC EB Game Server

  18. Eyeblaster In Game – Advanced Capabilities / DemoIn Game Streaming Video / In Game Reminder / In Game Buy / Integrated Images

  19. Eyeblaster Benefits Experience, Organization Strength, Features, • Profitable Healthy Company • Successful Track Record of New Rich Media Formats • Successful Track Record in Meeting leading portals Business and Tech Needs • Portals Support Organization • Agency Support Organization • Full Service Option • Creative services • Encoding Services • Trafficking Services • Leverage existing Eyeblaster Blanket Agreement and Billing Arrangementswith 1000s partners • Unmatched Capabilities • Obligation for Excellence

  20. GameHouse / 12 Games iWin / 2 Games Sandlot Games / 2 Games Alawar / 2 Games Mumbo Jumbo / 2 Games PlayFirst / 2 Games PopCap Games / 2 Games Puzzle Lab / 2 Games Reflexive Entertainment / 2 Games Robot Super Brain / 1 Game Skunk Studios / 2 Games SpinTop / 2 Games  Merscom / 1 Game Sony Digital / 2 Games Bigfish / 1 Game (?) List of Game Publishers30 Games by end of Q2

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