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  1. Infusionsoft @ PEPID

  2. Overview

  3. Overview What is ?

  4. Overview Infusionsoft

  5. Infusionsoft will merge all departments of the company into one, comprehensive database.” Overview

  6. Overview Departments

  7. From the first time a person is contacted all the way to the moment they renew their subscription, Infusionsoft will help track every individual’s status and automate processes.” Overview The New System

  8. After Before Overview

  9. It will now be possible to view inbound leads, identify where they came from, market to them, track who buys, process their subscription, and add sales to accounting records within one website.” Overview

  10. Benefits Overview

  11. Helps the Sales Rep: • Simplify daily workload • Better customer relations • Identify the best leads • Better communications with prospects • Make more sales in less time” Benefits For the Sales Rep:

  12. Benefits For the Sales Reps:

  13. Helps Sales: • Improve team communication • Report sales percentages • Distribute leads in a quick and fair manner • Keep customers and leads happy and updated • Increase revenue and grow your sales team” Benefits For the Sales Department:

  14. Helps Marketing: • Generate more leads • Track leads accurately • Automate email campaigns • Broadcast to target audiences • Analyze effectiveness” Benefits For Marketing:

  15. Better Analytics • Automated Email Marketing Campaigns • Broadcasts to Targeted Groups Benefits • Integrated Web➠Lead Forms For Marketing: • More Leads

  16. Helps Everyone: • Improve processes for employees • Generate more sales and growth • Raise renewal percentages • Increase customer satisfaction • Process orders faster • Report more accurately” Benefits For the Company:

  17. Using Infusionsoft correctly helps the entire company. A comprehensive fully integrated system promotes departmental unity and company growth.” Benefits

  18. Walkthrough

  19. Set Up Walkthrough

  20. Infusionsoft works best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Be sure to use one of these browsers for full compatibility. Chrome does not work.” Before You Begin…

  21. Set Up Invitation Email

  22. Set Up Create a username and password for your account

  23. Set Up Homepage (We Recommend Bookmarking this Page)

  24. Set Up Your Profile

  25. Set Up Signatures

  26. Set Up Edit Text and HTML signatures then Save

  27. Set Up Scroll down on your User record and select Social Accounts

  28. Set Up You can add your Facebook or Twitter account to your Infusionsoft User

  29. Set Up Return to Dashboard

  30. The Basics Walkthrough

  31. The Basics Dashboard

  32. The Basics Main Navigation Bar

  33. The Basics Tools Dropdown

  34. The Basics Recently Viewed Dropdown

  35. The Basics Favorites Dropdown

  36. The Basics User Dropdown

  37. The Basics Search Bar (Contacts by Default)

  38. Automation Walkthrough

  39. Infusionsoft allows for numerous automation options to simplify the sales process.” Automation

  40. Automation can: • Save you time • Streamline your daily processes • Keep customers happier with personalized emails • Accurately record and report leads and prospects in different stages” Automation

  41. Automation Sample Automation Process

  42. Automation Automation can be triggered in many ways

  43. Automation will carry out many simple, repetitive tasks for you. However, always be aware and check what communications are sent to your prospects.” Automation

  44. Automation At the bottom of any Contact record you can see a complete email history, so you know what was sent and if the Contact read it.

  45. Outlook Walkthrough

  46. Infusionsoft can integrate with your Outlook. You can log emails, add tasks or appointments, manage tags, and start follow up sequences.” Outlook

  47. Go to” Outlook Download the Plugin

  48. Outlook Select the Download Link

  49. Outlook Installation

  50. Outlook Security Permission