what makes me happy n.
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What makes me happy??? PowerPoint Presentation
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What makes me happy???

What makes me happy???

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What makes me happy???

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  1. What makes me happy??? EllyTSITSIPA A3, 2014

  2. 1.Ballet • One of the things that make me happy is ballet. I have been dancing from the age of five and the last eight years, I see this as my future profession. • My goal is to perfect my technique and dance abroad. • Also, I would be interested to be choreographed by leading dancers.

  3. 2.Family • Then another thing that makes me happy is my family. • My family for many years supports me in every decision I take and always helps meovercome all the difficulties that I have in my every day life. • We can discuss our problems straightway without someone being misunderstood.

  4. 3.Friends • Every day my friends makes me feel happy and delighted because I have a great time being next to them every day at school or when we go out for a walk or for fan. • Then they always give me the opportunity to express my feelings when I have a problem or when something bothers me. • In the end, they always help me to correct all my mistakes in my behavior even thought this would spend all their free time .

  5. 4.Fashion • From young age I have been involved with fashion, with catwalk and with photo shoots. • Five months ago I signed up a contract with a modeling agency. The industry of modeling is something that interests me and I will follow as a profession along with my studies at the university and the role of prima ballerina.

  6. 5.Dreams • When I was a little girl I always dreamed of waking up every day and going to my work. • Then early in the afternoon having rehearsals for my ballet performances. • Later, having photo shoots as a model. So far, I am close to fulfill the dream that I always had.

  7. 6.Music • My music literacy is very developed due to the fact that I having piano lessons since I was five years old. • In the last years I am doing master class with an American teacher who is concerned one of the leading soloists in America. • The kind of music that I listen is the epic, the classic, pop ,hip-hop , sometimes rap and funky jazz.

  8. 7.Denmark-Copenhagen • Denmark is one of my favorites foreign countries . I visited Denmark two years ago and I remained there for 22 days. • In Copenhagen I lived some of the greatest experiences for dance in the royal ballet of Copenhagen.

  9. 8.Milan • Milan! The city with best fashion designers, the best fashion photographers, the best modeling agencies. • Milan also have the Opera la Scala and the Theatroallascaladi Milano. • Then, Milan has a high level universities and many amazing monuments.

  10. 9.Stuttgart • Stuttgart! A city with wonderful royal gardens and palaces, with one of the highest levels in Europe dance Schools( John CrankoSchule) and one of the best basketball teams in Europe and many universities. • The way with in which all the people in Stuttgart works, motivates you to achieve many goals and to move on.

  11. 10.Movies • I adore cinema and when I have free time see some old Greek or foreign films. • Personally , I when I see old films, I prefer the silent cinema because anyone can perceive each scene with a unique own way. • Then, I like movies with drama , action , fan imagination and adventure.