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Busy Buzzy Bees PowerPoint Presentation
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Busy Buzzy Bees

Busy Buzzy Bees

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Busy Buzzy Bees

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  1. Busy Buzzy Bees By Karen Wallace

  2. Meet Author: Karen Wallace • Karen Wallace was born on April Fool's Day in 1951. She grew up in a log cabin where she could watch bears from far away. She still loves animals today. • Before Karen Wallace was a writer, she was a singer. She almost became an eel farmer. • Karen Wallace lives in Herefordshire, England, where she likes to work in her vegetable garden.

  3. Genre –Nonfiction In nonfiction, the author gives information about a subject. • Look for: • Details about worker bees do. • Information about how bees row. • Information in the pictures. Story Summary:  The story tells about the behavior and lives of bees, how they collect nectar from flowers, care for their eggs and queen bee, and communicate with each other.

  4. Pop Quiz • What does the author do? • He or she writes the stories. • What does the illustrator do? • He or she draws takes the pictures.

  5. Glossary Time • Put your reading book on your desk. • Open your book to the glossary.(The glossary is on page 256 in the back of your reading book.) • When you see the word “Glossary,” get ready to find the word.

  6. field Field • Field - a meadow A Glossary Word Sally found a field of dandelions. 2

  7. Touch touch Touch - to tap lightly A Glossary Word The bee’s furry legs touches the pollen and it stick to its legs. 1

  8. Twelve twelve • Twelve the sum of ten and two A Glossary Word The table is set for twelve people. 3

  9. wait Wait Wait - to stay A Glossary Word The long wait has made this man sleepy. 4

  10. Wild - something that grows by itself Wild A Glossary Word wild This story is about wild things. 5

  11. another Another • Another - a different one Is this dragon another kind of reptile? 5

  12. change Change • Change - to make or become different A Glossary Word A chameleon can change its color. 5

  13. Vocabulary Review • Say the words. • Read the sentences. • Fill in the blank.

  14. change field another touch twelve wild wait You should not try to _________ bees.

  15. You should not pet cute ________ animals. another wild twelve change wait touch field

  16. touch change another wait field wild twelve Is it ___________ day of school?

  17. twelve wait another field change wild touch The pit crew will _________ the tires.

  18. change twelve another touch wild wait field Do you know the song “The ________ Days of Christmas”?

  19. Our teacher can’t ________ to get to school. touch wild change twelve another wait field

  20. change another wild field touch wait twelve The farmer puts his cows in this _________.

  21. Review the Vocabulary Words • Field - a meadow • Touch - to tap lightly • Twelve - the sum of ten and two • Wait - to stay • Wild - something that grows by itself • Another - a different one • Change - to make or become different

  22. Twelve___ field ___ change ___ another __ touch ___ wait ___ wild ___ Match the words to its meaning. C • a meadow • to tap lightly • the sum of ten and two • to stay • something that grows by itself • a different one • to make or become different A G F B D E

  23. Say the Sight Words only own pick seven shall high love opened myself never

  24. New words in the story: “Busy Buzzy Bees” crawls spreads flower stream past sweet drops nectar cell drone male hatch grubs waxy covers welcome waggles narrow tongue grains pollen furry thousands female dance waggles

  25. Enjoy your story. The End Anne Miller

  26. Web Links You should be able to click on these sites and go to them by pointing and clicking. Phonics Review Long o or a? 1 Long o or a? 2 Story It Magnets Long o Toad and the Goat Poem (oa) Soap Boat Busy Buzzy Bee 1st Grade Trophy Links  for the Teacher The Story of Honey: The Story of Betty Bee (pdf file) Bee Fact Sheet

  27. Web links for “Busy Buzzy Bees” Coordinating Units: • Busy Bee song • • about honey • • Baby Bumblebees • The Fly Has Married A BumblebeeBeesBuzzy Bee •