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MultiChat 15

MultiChat 15. Vocabulary File for the ChatPC Silk and ALT-Chat . Main (Home) Page. Questions Page (This page is set to visit so you can make only one choice). People> Working People Page. People Page. People> School People Page. People> More People Page. Actions> More Actions Page.

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MultiChat 15

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Presentation Transcript

  1. MultiChat 15 Vocabulary File for the ChatPC Silk and ALT-Chat

  2. Main (Home) Page Questions Page (This page is set to visit so you can make only one choice)

  3. People> Working People Page People Page

  4. People> School People Page People> More People Page

  5. Actions> More Actions Page Actions Page

  6. Describe Page Describe> Colors Page (The Colors page is in several locations: Describe Page, Clothing Page, Art Page, Interactive Play Pages)

  7. Describe> Feelings Page Describe> Weather Page

  8. Describe> Where Page Describe> More Describe Page

  9. Things> Animals Page Things Page

  10. Things> Animals> More Animals> Birds Page Things> Animals> More Animals Page

  11. Things> Animals> More Animals> Bugs Page Things> Animals> More Animals> Dinosaurs Page

  12. Things> Animals> More Animals> Farm Animal Page Things> Animals> More Animals> Water Animal Page

  13. Things> Animals> More Animals> Wild Animals Page Things> Art Page

  14. Things> Art> Shapes Page Things> Body Page

  15. Things> Books Page Things> Clothing Page

  16. Things> Clothing> Accessories Page Things> Clothing> More Clothing Page

  17. Things> Food/Drink Page Things> Food/Drink > Breakfast Page

  18. Things> Food/Drink> Snack Page Things> Food/Drink> Lunch/Dinner Page

  19. Things> Food/Drink> Dairy Page Things> Food/Drink> Fruit Page

  20. Things> Food/Drink> Meat Page Things> Food/Drink> Vegetable Page

  21. Things> Food/Drink> Dessert Page Things> Food/Drink> Condiment Page

  22. Things> Food/Drink> Drinks Things> Games/Play Page Toy Page

  23. Things> Games/Play> Ball Page Things> Games/Play> Bubbles Page

  24. Things> Games/Play> Car Page Things> Games/Play> Legos Play

  25. Things> Games/Play> Puzzle Page Things> Games/Play> Doll Page

  26. Things>Games/Play> Game Page Things> Games/Play> Video Game Page

  27. Things> Games/Play> Sports Page Things> Games/Play> Sports> Baseball Page

  28. Things> Games/Play> Sports> Basketball Page Things> Games/Play> Sports> Bowling Page

  29. Things> Games/Play> Sports> Soccer Page Things> Games/Play> Sports> Football Page

  30. Things> Hygiene Page Things> Medical Page

  31. Things> Money Page Things> Money> Numbers Page

  32. Things> Music Page Things> Places Page

  33. Things> Places> Fun Places Page Things> Places> Restaurant Page

  34. Things> More Things Page Things> Places> Home Places Page

  35. Things> More Things> Technology Page Things> More Things> Time/Date Page

  36. Things> More Things> Time/Date> Time Page Things> More Things> Time/Date> Seasons Page

  37. Things> More Things> Time/Date> Holidays Page Things> More Things> Time/Date> More Holidays Page

  38. Things> More Things> Time/Date> Days Page Things> More Things> Time/Date> Months Page

  39. Things> More Things> Time/Date> Date Page Things> More Things> Time/Date> Year Page

  40. Things> More Things> Tools Page Things> More Things> TV/Movie Page

  41. Things> More Things> Vehicles Page Things> More Things> Weather Page

  42. Use this box to check the battery status or turn the volume up and down on the ALT-Chat. If using a ChatPC Silk or Silk Plus, you can assign buttons to access the device’s calculator, calendar and other built-in tools. (These extra features will not work on the ChatPC Silk Dedicated Model) Things> More Things> ToolBox Page

  43. Chat> Jokes Page Chat Page (This page is set to visit so you can make only one choice)

  44. Chat> Let me tell you what I think Page Chat> Jokes> Knock Knock Jokes Page

  45. Chat> Greetings Page I want Page (This will be identical to the I don’t want page)

  46. I want> to drink page (Same as Things> Food/Drink> Drink Page) I want> to eat page (Same as Things> Food/Drink Page)

  47. I want> to play page (Same as Things> Games/Play Page) I want> to go to Page (Same as Things> Places Page)

  48. I want> to watch Page (Same as Things> More things> TV/Movie Page) I want> to listen to Page (Same as Things> Music Page)

  49. I want> to wear page (Same as Things> Clothing Page) I want> to talk to Page (Same as People page)

  50. I want> to tell you> where I’m going Page (Same as Things> Places Page) I want> to tell you page

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