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  1. S H I S E I D O B o d y C a r e

  2. The body care market A fierce competition : 1993 Dior Svelte 1995 Clarins Lift MinceurLancôme Réflexe Minceur 1996 Lauder Thigh Zone 1997 Dior Svelte Perfect Clarins Lift Fermeté Levelling off in Essential Energy sales

  3. Essential Energy A beautiful body line by activating the essential energy andpowers of self-healing mechanism inherent to the human body. A complicated 3-step care Outdated packaging Change in the market

  4. S h i s e i d o E u r o p e - T r a i n i n g D e p a r t m e n t T r a i n i n g O b j e c t i v e s S h i s e i d o T r e a t m e n t i n E u r o p e

  5. S h i s e i d o E u r o p e T r a i n i n g O b j e c t i v e s

  6. Head of Local office IOD Training Sales Staff Training G. Manager B.Cs Retailers Flow Chart CUSTOMERS Training Directorof R.H.Qs - convey 100% information - convey 100% information - convey 100% information

  7. Tasks / Major Responsibilities of Training Managers Managing and conducting Comprehensive Training and Follow-up Training. Managing and conducting training for new products and promotions (for BCs and retail stores). Planning and implementing activities that improve BC skills. Planning and implementing training programs for new stores and sales staff. Planning and implementing training programs for in-house staff.

  8. C o m m u n i c a t i o n A c t i v i t i e s i n E u r o p e

  9. Product Development Product Communications Public Relations Mission To support the sales of Shiseido products andto strengthen a Shiseido imagein European affiliates and distributorsthrough the communication activities

  10. N e w g l o b a l c o u n t e r m a n u a l

  11. New Global Counter Manual High Quality High Image High Service Clearly communicate the Shiseido brand values, while preserving the Shiseido brand tradition and meeting changing needs. Help to deepen and carry forward the relationships we build with our customers. Unify the prestige brand image and strengthen brand identity on a global level.

  12. New Global Counter Manual Basics concepts As the era changes, customer purchase behaviour changes. The need for more professional one-to-one counselling. The need to be able to freely test, choose and purchase products. The need to make purchases easily and rapidly.

  13. c d European Strategy Enhance visibilityfor Suncarein Summer + Winter Generic tools for Christmas 1998 and all year round.

  14. 3 -Packet sample with card SE has requested to continue after launch. 2nd orders, ETA February 1999. Final details will follow in September 1998. Bio-Performance(1st semester 1999) Gentle Bio-technology with exquisite textures Promote product textures -Pouch with samples Essence 7ml, Regular 7ml, SBN cleansing foam (next order to IMD 8/98, ETA 2/98) Assemble locally -Invite customers to discover exquisite textures (SE PR Department).

  15. 1 2 3 4 Relaxing Fragrance Focus on Relaxation, the Oriental way, symbolized by fresh bamboo. Promotion- BC incentive for February : Yukata - Gift box with bamboo Provide visibility on point of sale - Window Display Guidelines for local production Public Relations - Relate a story around Bamboo Samples - Brovit Shower Gel & Body Lotion (approx 2FF)

  16. Travel bag Travel set Basala Provide competitive visibility for gift periods. Counter display to present promotion Ekta to communicate the promotion in the press

  17. Suncare Focus on Suncare for Summer. Communicate also in Winter.

  18. C l é d e P e a u B E A U T E (CPB) E u r o p e L a u n c h M a r k e t i n g P l a n s

  19. M A R K E T I N G F U N D A M E N T A L S D i r e c t i o n o f C P B M a r k e t i n g

  20. 1 2 Point Strengthening Product Power Enzyme activationnormalization theory *Introduce SHISEIDO’s latest, best skincare technology. Increase foundation tones*Add appropriate colors for the European market to the 6 colors currently available

  21. M a k e u p

  22. 1 MK 21ST Promotion S/S 1999 Main visual Tester visual

  23. R e l a x i n g F r a g r a n c e

  24. R e l a x i n g F r a g r a n c e 1 9 9 8 F I F I A W A R D W I N N E R : 1 s t P r i z e f o r t h e P a c k a g i n g C a t e g o r y

  25. S H I S E I D O S u n C a r e

  26. A Skincare - Conscious Suncare Line 1st launch 1993 11 items 1997 Ultra-Light Sun Block Lotion SPF 30 1998 Refreshing Tanning Spray SPF4 22 items

  27. Tanning Compact SPF4 Sun Block Compact SPF32 Present Situation Sales results ’97 2 062 000 units Ex - factory Shiseido’s strength Protection 63% of total suncare in units Two Shiseido best sellers

  28. V o c a l i s e

  29. 5 Vocalise - Packaging Simple but expressive. Unique shape that differenciate form competitors.

  30. i n t o t h e n e x t M i l l e n i u m

  31. Industry Trends 1 1997 Cosmetic and Fragrance Growth Rate 2 1997 SHISEIDO European Rankings 3 Consumer Trends 4 Objectives 5 Strategies 6

  32. Niche brands Globalization of the market place Retailer innovation Increasing importance of mass market Industry Trends Mega players