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  2. INGLES IX Energy Quality

  3. Energy Quality • Introduction Taking base theory of electric power generation which is by means of the break of a magnetic field, that it is knows provide alternating manner of the electrical energy, in this form is used in every home and industry, the electricity in order to be useful it must fulfill parameters that determine its quality, on this task are responsible the provider and the consumer, on this context is justified the initiative of the project, it pretends to make a mensuration of the current to know the condition of the parameters and the level of the power quality (PQ), to do the mensuration the principal objective of the project is design an electronic board (EB) equipped of hall effect sensor, a converter analogic to digital, and a FPGA that it is going to process the signs, equipped with a screen to show data. after this the methodology is printed that the project going to follow to achieve the objective, later the results that the project pretend to get, is mentioned the conclusions, at the finish the references that on the project used as source to get the knowledge enough to complete the project purpose

  4. Energy Quality Justified  Interruptions of Service The complete loss of energy in an installation is generally of an order of magnitude less frequent that a riot by momentary low voltage. However, if the frequency is sufficiently significant, then they have to take the measures to have a source alternates available in convenient base. Industrial norms The riots in the system were a factor in the design of systems of alimentation for computers to ends of the 60's and 70's. Only in the last 5 or 10 years was that the controls by computer have done common everywhere of the electrical system. Cause, very few norms treat with the definition of variations of tension of short acceptable times, but have worked to develop norms in this area. The significant norms regarding variation of tension summary as it follows: The variations of tension in state static are defined by the norm ANSI C84.1. For tensions of service until of 600 V, expect that the normal tension of service was inside ±5 % of the nominal, with variations of so much like +5.8% until -8.3% for short periods. The acceptable variations for other tensions of the system give in the Norm ANSI C84.1.[1] The Publication of Norms NEMA no. MG-1 engines and Generators (Section-12.45) establish that "the polyphone engines of ca will have to operate satisfactorily under conditions of operation to nominal load when the rebalance of tension in the terminals of the engine do not exceed of 1%". The section I-14.5 of the same norm provides a curve of reduction of load for balance of main tension: 90% with rebalance of 3% and 75% with rebalance of 5%. It does not recommend the operation of engines for rebalances of tension of more than 5%. The Norm ANSI C84.1 recommends that "the systems of electrical supply will have to be designed and operate to limit the rebalance maximum of tension to the 3 % when it measure in the measurer of the electrical company, under conditions without load. “ [2] Through the years have developed curves of parade, that cater guides on the limits of variations of tension in loads of fast change since these affect to other teams in the system.

  5. Energy Quality Objectives • Design an electronic card to measure the power and process data acquisition with an FPGA, display information on a display, to know the parameters that determine the quality of energy and whether conforms to IEEE standards • Design • Construction • Data acquisition

  6. Energy Quality Specific objectives • Document the information required • review standards that underpin the quality of energy • Software Programming in VHDL • Card design in FPGA • Costing devices which are required for the project • make a card that displays the data

  7. Energy Quality • Methodology describircadapaso de la metologia

  8. Energy Quality Methodology • On the project going to use: • Hall Effect sensor, this sensor use a hall effect for do measures of magnetic field and electric current • Analog-digital convertor that it going to use is of 16 bit in order to have a good range of sampling, it used this element because the signal obtained is of analog nature, this signal needs be converter to can manipulate, and use to process on the FPGA.

  9. Energy Quality • Implementa vhdl programto acquiredata in the field program gate array (FPGA) • Data obtained on a display screen lcd

  10. BIBLIOGRAFÍA • [1] • [2] • [3] • [4]Low Consumption flux-gate transducer for AC and OF high-current Measurement.Premo • [5] Http:// • ANALIZERS