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How to keep your home cool

How to your house without air conditioning

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How to keep your home cool

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  1. How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning 1. Place Box Fans in Windows Like the attic, your upstairs tends to trap rising heat and using window box fans is a great way to keep a house cool in the summer naturally. When cooling a room with fans in windows, face them outward to vent the hot air out, especially when it’s hotter outside. 2. Avoid Using the Stove Using your stove or oven will add unwanted heat to your kitchen. Try to limit your cooking to the early morning and plan dinners that don’t require heating up, like pasta salad or lettuce wraps. For a hot meal without a hot kitchen, try grilling out or using a crockpot. 3.Create a Cool Cave Luckily, most basements stay fairly cool year-round. Use this to your advantage by creating a fun space to retreat to during the dog days of summer. You’ll feel more comfortable while

  2. using less cooling power, saving you money on your electric bills. If your basement is a cluttered mess, start by organizing your storage and tossing what you don’t need – for a major decluttering, rent a dumpster for the weekend to handle your junk removal. Then, make the space your own: add a few fans, a rug, some chairs and a projector to hook up to your laptop and you’ve got your very own, literally cool movie lair for the summer. 4. Insulate Attic Walls Another way to keep your home cool in the summer is to ​insulate the attic​ from top to bottom. This will lower the amount of heat that enters your attic and prevent it from escaping to the rest of the home below. 5.Opt for a White Roof On a sweltering day, traditional black roof materials can become over 100 degrees hotter than the air around them. A white roof can be a great way to keep your house cool in the summer because it reflects heat instead of absorbing it, keeping the warmth from seeping into the rest of your home. You can install white roof panels or apply white roof coating if you have a flat or metal roof.

  3. 6. Invest in the Right Ceiling Fans One of the best ways to keep cool without AC is to install ceiling fans. Anywhere people tend to congregate, whether it’s the bedroom, living room or kitchen, those are the spaces where you’re going to get the most benefit from a ceiling fan. But where the fans are installed is only the half of it; picking the right sized fan for your room is also important for effective cooling:

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