"Bridging the European year 2013 and the European year 2015: from participation to development” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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"Bridging the European year 2013 and the European year 2015: from participation to development” PowerPoint Presentation
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"Bridging the European year 2013 and the European year 2015: from participation to development”

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"Bridging the European year 2013 and the European year 2015: from participation to development”
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"Bridging the European year 2013 and the European year 2015: from participation to development”

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  1. Final Event WTD – Working Together for Development Strasbourg, 5° June 2014 Annachiara Stefanucci Government Affaires and Communication Manager Associazione TECLA "Bridging the European year 2013 and the European year 2015: from participation to development”

  2. TECLA is... • Associationwith the status oflegalentity, totallyparticipatedbyLocalAuthorities or theirAssociations and Foundations • Equivalent public body accordingto the EC directive 8/04 • Active in Rome and Brussels with two operational offices

  3. TECLA is… TECLA Association has been established in 1993 thanks to a team of experts involved in EU policies with the aim to assist local institutions to: • Improve their capacities and competences to seize the financial opportunities offered by EU; • Spread information on EU policies and strenghten internal competences of local administrations on EU topics • Promote the participation of italian local authorities in international thematic networks and european initiatives

  4. Tecla Associate Members … …benefit from the services made available by TECLA in order to promote an effective use of EU financial resources. Among its Associate Members there are more than 40 Local Authorities – Provinces, Municipalities, national and regional association of local authorities (UPI, Anci Puglia). In the past different Regions have been members: Lazio region (Italy), Sicilia region (Italy), Sardinia Region (Italy), Lorena region (France), Maramures region (Romania) and Pomerania region (Poland)

  5. TECLA means... More than 20 years of experience on EU funding, formulation and management of EU funded projects and Networking 80 Projectsawarded and implemented in more than 20 EU programmes 56 Informative Eventson Europeanpolicies 165 project Partner at internationallevel More than 100 Traineestrained at the Brussels office

  6. TECLA and the decentralised cooperation INSTITUTIONAL ACTIVITIES MAIN ACTIONS Since the 1990s, thank to the synergic cooperation with the Italian Foreign Affaires Ministry and important institutional actors such as UPI and ANCI, TECLA played a fundamental role for the structured involvement of Italian LAs in the EU development cooperation policy. 1 Assisting LAs to develop an autonomous dimension in the framework of the development cooperation (Relations with other institutional levels) 2 Assisting LAs to organise their internal structure (role of the « Europe Offices ») and their capacity of mobilising local stakeholders 3 Assisting LAs to structure their international relations in the field (especially with EC, CoR, UNDP); Assisting LAs in scouting the available financial resources (i.e. INTERREG, NSA-LA, MEDA); 4 Carrying out intensive analysis and research activities 5

  7. TECLA and the decentralised cooperation Some projects GEMM (2008 - 2010): http://www.gemmproject.eu • AIMS • Enhancement of the intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding among the civil societies of the Mediterranean Southern and Northern shores, in line with the Barcelona Process towards the creation of the GEMM network. • Improvement of the capacities of the civil servants of MEDA municipalities for local governance and sustainable urban development, through the sharing with the Italian local authorities of best practices in the fields, in particular, of sustainable mobility, valorisation of cultural heritage for the purpose of sustainable tourism and economic recovery. Partners:

  8. TECLA and the decentralised cooperation Other projects La casa di Pinocchio (ASIA URBS Programme), Aiming at encouraging the exchange of good practices in the management of the problems generated by the uncontrolled growth of the urban environment with particular reference to disadvantaged sections of the polulation (THAILANDIA) REHABILITATION of Rural Production System in Afghanistan - ALA 2003 Other activities 2005: promotion of the research, funded by the MAE-DGCS on “The Decentralized Cooperation and the Provinces – A mapping of the experiences carried out in the Italian provinces”

  9. TECLA and the WTD Project Through WTD, TECLA enhanced its efforts to assist and strenghten the role of Italian LAs as development actors, in a crucial context At international level Debate on the post-2015 scenario 2014: Launch of the new Programming Period Revision of the 49/87 law with the introduction of a new governance on cooperation At national level

  10. TECLA and the WTD Project What kind of actions have been developed? • INFORMATION: Through its own information channels, Tecla spread news updates on the project and the main output to its members • MOBILISATION: Direct involvement of some of its associated LAS in the confrontation, information and training activities provided by the project. Local officials and executives involved in international cooperation and development, have participated in various training sessions and workshops planned at the international level. • Among them: both LAs already active on the issues of decentralized cooperation (Turin, Pisa and Milan), and less active LAs (Reggio Calabria and Latina). • DECENTRALISATION: The RE-GRANTING SCHEMES • DISCUSSION: The National Workshop of Pisa, 27° of May 2014

  11. THE RE-GRANTING SCHEMES 13/06/2013: TECLA launchedits call for proposals on small initiatives made by associated local authorities, to be eventually realized in partnership with CSOs. 2 PROJECTS HAVE BEEN SELECTED A SUD: «From the Environmental Conflicts to the Development Cooperation» Istituzione Centro Nord-Sud Prov. PISA: “Co-operation and Co-Development Tables - Awareness and Promotion Ways to support the cooperation between the CSOs and the LAs”

  12. THE RE-GRANTING SCHEMES: the A SUD Project 1st of March 2014 - 25th of May 2014 • Project focusing on the EDUCATION to the Development • 3 workshops in 3 schools of Reggio Calabria on: • Sustainable development • Environmental cooperation and conflict • Water: a common good • AIMS: • to foster an active involvement of youngsters on these issues • to raise their awareness – as well as teachers’ – on cooperation and development issues by adopting a global perspective focused on the crucial role played by CSOs, LAs and active citizens. • RESULTS • 180 studentsaged 14 -19 trained • •180 households sensitized on environmental issues on a global scale and on practices to reduce environmental impacts at the local level. • • 9 teachers informed about innovative teaching methods

  13. THE RE-GRANTING SCHEMES: the centro NORD - SUD Project 1st October 2013 – 31st March 2014 Project focusing on the promotion of institutional and experts awareness raising Territorial Workshop 1 - "The civil society organizations and local authorities as agents of development" Stimulated cooperation between civil society organizations and local authorities Territorial Workshop 2 - "Promotion of sustainable development, poverty reduction, the empowerment of citizens " Promoted awareness and a better understanding of EU development issues • AIM: • To improve the cooperation between local CSOs and LAs • SOME ACTIVITIES: • “Shared guidelines" of the Province of Pisa on " Civil society organizations and local authorities as agents of development." • Scheduling of annual joint meetings of the “Tables” • Technical Assistance by Centro Nord Sud to local CSOs • Creation of working groups for project drafting on dev. issues

  14. THE NATIONAL WORKSHOP 27° May 2014, Pisa: wrap up discussion on the project results and main conclusions for post-2015 development Policy Need for a NEW POLICY based upon a bottom-up approach and fostering a new model of HORIZONTAL GOVERNANCE between LAs and CSOs, both at European and national level

  15. MAIN INVOLVED ACTORS Ministero degli Affari Esteri Regione Toscana – Settore Attività Internazionali ANCI – Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani AOI - Associazione delle organizzazioni italiane di cooperazione e solidarietà internazionale TECLA - Associazione per la cooperazione transregionale locale ed europea Toscana Promozione FPMCI – Fondo Provinciale Milanese per la Cooperazione Internazionale FELCOS Umbria FOCSIV CESVOT Toscana ARCI Toscana PERMICRO Toscana CIPSI Solidarietà e Cooperazione Local Authorities and Associations from Tuscany Region

  16. Multi-stakeholder partnerships and innovative schemes of collaboration between LAs and non-state providers can bring added value in terms of impact and sustainability as well as effectiveness. LESSONS LEARNT FROM WTD COOPERATION BETWEEN LAs and COs SUPPORT TO DECENTRALISATION LAs' contributions to governance and development processes needs to be better structured (see reform of the 49/87 law) EDUCATION ON DEVELOPMENT Development Education and Awareness Raising initiatives fostering citizens' awareness and mobilization for development issues.

  17. THANK YOU FOR THE ATTENTION Associazione TECLA via Boncompagni 93 00187  Roma  Tel. +39 06.42884756-42013006 Fax +39 06.42010906  segreteriatecla@tecla.org www.tecla.org TECLA Europa Rue de Deux Églises 39 -1000 Bruxelles Tel: +32 (0) 2 503 5128 Fax: +32 (0) 2 514 3455 info@teclaeuropa.eu