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Asuka Medical, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Asuka Medical, Inc.

Asuka Medical, Inc.

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Asuka Medical, Inc.

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  1. Diode Laser DVL-15 Improving the quality of veterinary care Asuka Medical, Inc.

  2. Lightweight Broad Applications The DVL-15 diode laser affords veterinarians the ability to perform a wide range of procedures which exceeding any other surgical equipments. Portable weight of 5.5 kg per laser unit allows you to bring it between the rooms and for home visit. Advantages Minimally Invasive & Less Bleeding Low Running Cost Superior hemostatic ability reduces risk on surgery. Benefits of less pain and less swelling will satisfy the pets and the pet owners. Low running cost of DVL-15 will help your clinic management. Most of handpieces/probes are reusable and autoclavable. Diode Laser DVL-15 Next-Generation Has Arrived A wide range of applications using the DVL-15 diode laser will broaden your treatment options. From vigorous surgery in the operation theater to in-consulting room laser treatment, DVL-15 will be of help to your practice, to your patients and their owners. Reduced surgery time, sutures, and risk of anesthesia with DVL-15 gives an advantage to your clinic.

  3. Fiber Scalpel Handpiece Laser Dissector FDS-B Laser Dissector FDS-A Hemostatic Incision Superior hemostatic ability significantly reduces the risk of pets and stress of operators. Minimally invasive incision leads to reduced pain during and after operations.DVL-15 provides a couple of different handpieces for incision. Incision under local area is possible for small area. Chisel-type Metal Probe Sealing Dissection Laser Dissector allows you to perform sealing incision. Vessels with up to 4 mm in diameter can be sealed without suture. Surgery without suture reduces surgery time, i.e. for splenectomy or castration, and the risk of granuloma. Strong Sealing Spaying Vaporization Warts vaporization is one of the day-to-day laser treatments. It doesn’t require anesthetics. It can be completed in a short time. You will see many satisfied pet owners. Pre Treatment During Treatment Without Anesthetics Post Treatment

  4. Glaucoma Ectopic cilia / Trichiasis Pain Relief, Wound Healing Diode laser light is used for pain relief or prompting wound healing. For pain relief, herniated disk, arthritis, stomatitis and other various diseases are in the scope of this routine treatment. Transscleral cyclophotocoagulation will control intraocular pressure. The laser light penetrate sclera and occurs coagulation at outer ciliary body, which leads to reduce aqueous humor production. 3 – 4 mm Laser irradiation aiming at hair roots destroy them since melanin pigment in the roots absorbs laser light. You can remove eyelashes permanently. Pain and swelling is less with laser.

  5. Irradiation 24 day Pre Treatment ICGinjection Gingivitis Diode laser irradiation in the periodontal pocket will destroy periodontal bacteria and also constrict collagen fiber in gingiva. Since this treatment will also improve appetite and halitosis, many owners have been pleased with the effect. During Treatment Pre Treatment 2 days after Dye-enhanced coagulation Green pigments contained in the ICG absorb diode laser light with the wavelength of 810 nm very well. This absorption generates heat and makes coagulation . This procedure can be used to coagulate tumors and to vaporization of margin after tumor removal. Cancer management Specially designed WD-Fiber enables you to perform coagulation for tumors without general anesthesia. Ideal procedure for aged pets. Pre Treatment, mammary gland tumor, 7 cm in dia. Post Treatment 50 day 100 day Another procedure is laser hyperthermia therapy. Heat caused by laser irradiation kill or damage cancer cells. Pre Treatment 25 day

  6. Accessories Choose the suitable package for your needs. Laser Therapy Package • Pain relief, Wound healing • Glaucoma • Ectopic eyelash / Trichiasis • Gingivitis • Dye-enhanced coagulation • Precise incision/vaporization Surgery Package • Incision • Coagulation • Vaporization Green Connecting Fiber choose FDS-A or FDS-B Cancer Management Package + • Coagulation for tumors Wide Dispersion Probe WD Connecting Fiber • option: Thermometer • hyperthermia PLDD Package • Disk Herniation + PLDD Kit PLDD Connecting Fiber

  7. We guarantee satisfactory service. We provide after-sales service to help you to introduce laser surgery/treatment in your practices. We will give training on your introduction of DVL-15 diode laser. • Clinical case report • Phone and e-mail support • 3 year waranty • Training program and presence at surgery/treatment Demonstration We will be happy to arrange a demonstration at your clinic so that you can personally evaluate the DVL-15 Diode Laser. Asuka Medical, Inc.