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Vastu tips for gardening

Vastu tips for gardening

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Vastu tips for gardening

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  2. VASTU TIPS FOR GARDENING A walk in any garden relaxes and restores inner peace. It even reduces stress because it helps us connect with nature. In today’s stressful life, placing art in the garden can induce magic in creating a better environment for contemplating and enjoying art. Incorporating natural elements in such a Vastu generated gardening can provide both movement and sound in a positive environment.

  3. Flowering plants and climbers not only beautify small houses, offices, hotels and public buildings, but also contribute considerably to the environment and in the field of ornamental horticulture. Vastu in the garden VastuShastra in modern urban houses protects them from distressing events. They enable a healthy and wealthy life. Vastu concepts about plants and plantation must be kept in mind not only to make the environment beautiful but also to make it Vastu-oriented. Gardens n homes, factories and offices should always be in the North or West and within the compound. No garden plantation should be done in the South-east or South-west. Here are some Vastu suggestions should be followed for planting various varieties of foliage for gardens within the house limits:

  4. Basil plant poses a positive influence within the limits of a house The western part of the house should have the Bilva, Madhuka and Peepal tree Udumbara (Goolar) and Panas are favourable towards the South of the house limits. Kanakchampa planted in the northern direction brings virtue and wealth Planting coconut and banana plants within the house limits is considered to be very auspicious and are very helpful in bringing about mental peace and health.

  5. A water pond with lotus in it is also very favorable. The north-west of the garden should have the entertaining unit for children. The north, east, south-east, south-west and north-west should be kept plant free Tall trees should not be planted towards the east or north The center of the site should not have any tall tree

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