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Transportation Engineering and Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Transportation Engineering and Management

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Transportation Engineering and Management
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Transportation Engineering and Management

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  1. Transportation Engineering and Management • Moving People and Goods through Air, Water and Land • Highways • Trains • Tunnels • Rails • Bicycles • Boats • Planes

  2. Transportation Engineering • 1in 100 injured each YEAR in auto accidents • Over40,000 DEATHS yearly in auto accidents • Half Related to Alcohol • Is this the Engineers Responsibility? • And Florida Was # 1 in traffic fatalities each year • What can YOU do to HELP? • Move People and Goods SAFELY

  3. Roadway Speed Kills -10 or + 15

  4. Team Building • Transportation Engineers and Planners MUST work as a team. • Wal-Mart on Palm Bay Road Produced a 30 minute traffic jam every work day • Florida was growing faster than “we” can improve its infrastructure • Sacrifices must be made for the future to be better • Florida’s Transportation Engineers must be better than those in the other 49 states

  5. Transportation Controls Economy • Movement of People and Products • Delays Cost Serious $$$$ • Interstate Costs Per Mile exceed $10 million

  6. Technology Can Really help • Real time data produces real time engineering solutions  let’s finish what we started • Speed controls based upon traffic volumes and roadway capacities • Weight monitoring used to measure actual stress and strain and compare to design values • Unlimited Possibilities exist • Civils, Mechanicals, Electrical, Computer working together with Planners

  7. Composite Causeway • 5540 ft long • Lightweight fiber reinforced bridge • 1/3 wt of conventional concrete • 100 year design life

  8. Quake-Proof Crossing • 75 Year old Bay Bridge • Oakland California • 1989 Earthquake • 280,000 VPD • Suspension Bridge • 2050 foot span

  9. Swiss Tunnel • Connects Germany to Italia Through Swiss Alps • Moved 31 million cubic yards of material • High Speed Rail • Zurich to Milan part • Cut 90 minutes

  10. Level Of Service Your parents tax money is used to move people and goods. Politicians not Engineers chose projects. Communication of complex ideas is your resopnsibility. Engineering Theory meets Public Opinion

  11. LOS A Free-flow operation LOS B Reasonably free flow Ability to maneuver is only slightly restricted Effects of minor incidents still easily absorbed Levels of Service From Highway Capacity Manual, 2000

  12. LOS C Speeds at or near FFS Freedom to maneuver is noticeably restricted Queues may form behind any significant blockage. LOS D Speeds decline slightly with increasing flows Density increases more quickly Freedom to maneuver is more noticeably limited Minor incidents create queuing Levels of Service From Highway Capacity Manual, 2000

  13. LOS E Operation near or at capacity No usable gaps in the traffic stream Operations extremely volatile Any disruption causes queuing LOS F Breakdown in flow Queues form behind breakdown points Demand > capacity Levels of Service From Highway Capacity Manual, 2000

  14. LOS at Signalized Intersections

  15. Do you think the General Public could understand LOS? • No engineering skills • No Math Skills • No Science Skills • Hard Working • Raising Families • Backbone of Country

  16. Technology • Impacts on Roadway • Sensors • Cameras • Computers • Impacts on Traffic • Air Bags • Antilock Brakes • Cameras for LOS

  17. Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) Pavement Management and Evaluation Techniques

  18. What is it (THE HVS)? • Accelerated pavement testing • 20 yrs of deterioration in 3 months

  19. History • South Africa 1980 – 4 VHS fleet • 3 new Mark IV’s • Each Cost over $2,000,000

  20. Hydraulic Loading on Wheels Single or dual test wheel Wheel loads 7-45 kips Speeds up to 8 mph 20 ft test beam

  21. Environmental Controls Temperature Moisture

  22. Mobility • Can move between test sections under its own power. • Should be towed over long distances.

  23. Virginia's Smart Road Project

  24. Location of Smart Road

  25. Smart Road Features Rain Towers Sensors

  26. Weather Control System

  27. Hot-Mix Asphalt Strain Gages Aggregate Dynamic Strain Gages Vibrating Wire Static Strain Gages Pressure Cells Thermocouples (TDR) probes Liquid Level Gage

  28. Intelligent Transportation Systems

  29. What is it: ITS that is? • Program designed to manage transportation • vehicles • routes • loads • Brought about by traffic congestion (and partly by homeland security)

  30. ITS • Intelligent Transportation Systems include: • Floating Car Data • Inductive Loop Detection • Video Vehicle Detection • Electronic Toll Detection

  31. Floating Car Data • Determine traffic congestion using wireless mobile phones • Triangulated signals to achieve location • Very accurate in urban areas • In rural areas less mobile phones means less accurate

  32. Inductive Loop Detection • Detects magnetic fields from vehicles as they pass over magnetic sensors in the road • Gathers traffic information to analyze congestion • Also used to detect vehicles weight, length, and speed Hey Computer that’s Cosentino’s Ferrari

  33. Video Vehicle Detection • Simply way to measure traffic flow and incident detection. • Uses simple cameras to obtain vehicle speeds, lane occupancy, and vehicle counts. • Also used for wrong way vehicle alarms and stopped vehicle detection. Hey Camera Cosentino is going the wrong way again

  34. Electronic Toll Collection We’ve got him now!! • Eliminates traffic congestion at toll plazas. • Achieved by scanning bar codes, license plates, or infrared communication systems.

  35. Transportation Engineering Fiber Optics and Roadway Testing

  36. Today Civil Engineers, Architects and Planners work together to convince the public that better transportation is needed

  37. Tomorrow ALL Engineers, Architects, Planners & Computer Scientists will be working together to convince the Public that SAFER and FASTER Transportation is Possible

  38. Current Conditions • Half of our Highway System is rated poor to fair • 187,000 or 1/3rd of the 576,000 bridges are deficient • Bridge inspection • simple visual inspection • Can’t see steel in concrete • Can’t see steel below paint • Takes one week to inspect one bridge • It is dangerous • supported with diagnostic equipment.

  39. Advantages of Fiber Optics • Small components can be placed anywhere • Measure stress, strain, temperature • Multiple Sensors can be placed on ONE line • Relatively inexpensive especially compared to millions spent on roadways • Immune to Electromagnetic Interference • I’ve got a funny story for you!!!

  40. Example of Current Project • 120 fiber-optic sensors installed on steel bridge on Interstate 10 in Las Cruces. • Built in the 1970s and known to suffer from numerous fatigue cracks. • Instrumented bridge is capable of detecting and counting all standard-class vehicles and measuring their speed and weight

  41. Maglev Trains float on superconducting magnetic rails Mass Transit Technologies

  42. In 2005, Hurricane Ivan destroyed part of I-10 near Pensacola Florida causing a 300 mile detour.

  43. What is the Key to Changing Transportation?? Communication of Technologically Sound Ideas Communicado ideas para mejorair technologia existente Cominicazione della tecnologicaments buone idee Kommunikation Technologisch Gesunder Ideen La communication d'Idées Technologiquement Solides Επικοινωνία των τεχνολογικά υγιών ιδεών 技术上酣然的想法的通信 اتّصال من أفكار صحيحة تكنولوجيّا