college credit now at forsyth central high school n.
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Dual Enrollment and AP Classes PowerPoint Presentation
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Dual Enrollment and AP Classes

Dual Enrollment and AP Classes

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Dual Enrollment and AP Classes

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  1. College Credit Now at Forsyth Central High School Dual Enrollmentand AP Classes

  2. College Credit Now – Advanced Placement (AP) • AP Human Geography • AP World History • AP US History • AP Chemistry • AP Physics C • AP Environmental Science • AP Biology • AP Spanish • AP Statistics • AP Calculus AB • AP Calculus BC • AP American Lit/Lang • AP Literature/Comp • AP Studio: Drawing Portfolio • AP Art History • AP European History • Other courses available via GAVS

  3. Benefits of AP Classes • Earn college credit with certain AP exam scores (depends on university) • Experience college rigor • Learn how to study before you get to college • Be challenged • Cost effective • Extra Quality Point on Cumulative GPA • Visit the AP website here. • Check out this student’s experience.

  4. Dual Enrollment Options • Dual Enrollment provides opportunities for Georgia high school students to take courses from a state public or private postsecondary institution while still enrolled as a high school student and receive credit BOTH at the high school and at the postsecondary institution. • Extra Quality point added to Cumulative GPA.

  5. ACCEL Information • For high school juniors and seniors. • … a non-need based program offered for students that wish to take college-level (academic-only, degree-level) coursework for credit toward both high school and college graduation requirements. (Only selected courses in Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language can be taken). • Students may attend part-time or full-time. • You MUST be on-track for graduating on time and be in good standing (passing all courses). • The college/program must accept you (you have to meet SAT/ACT and GPA requirements). • ACCEL funds will pay for most of the tuition. • Funds do not count toward HOPE Scholarship hours • Students typically attend UNG-Cumming Campus, although other colleges can be considered. • Visit the Accel website for more information, ACCEL application, and possible award amounts.

  6. UNG – Cumming ACCEL Program Admissions Criteria • High School GPA of 3.0 (Calculated on the academic areas of Math, Science, Social Science, English, and Foreign Language) • 480 Critical Reading and 460 Math on the SAT with at least a combined 970, OR • 20 English and 19 Mathematics on the ACT with composite score of at least 21 • Completed application for admission as an Accel student with the appropriate application fee. Accel students are encouraged to apply online. • High school transcript with an academic grade point average of at least 3.0 • SAT or ACT scores as specified above (Test scores must come directly from the issuing agency) • Completed Certificate of Immunization • Verification of Lawful Presence • In addition to applying to University of North Georgia, students who are participating in the Accel program must also complete the Accel application through the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Information on the program and its requirements and limitations can be found at

  7. UNG – Cumming MOWR Admissions Information • Be at least a high school junior or senior in a public high school • Have a 530 Critical Reading and 530 Math on the SAT, OR • Have a 23 English and 22 Math on the ACT, AND • Have a minimum High School Academic GPA of 3.5 • The admissions process for MOWR is the same for all other types of admission to the University. These students must: • Complete an application for admission as MOWR student with the appropriate application fee. MOWR students are encouraged to apply online. • High school transcript with an academic grade point average of at least 3.5 • SAT or ACT scores as specified above (Test scores must come directly from the issuing agency) • Completed Certificate of Immunization • Verification of Lawful Presence

  8. Lanier Tech Dual Enrollment - Hope Grant • Earn high school credit AND technical college credit while taking a college level course. • Opportunity to earn CTAE course credit and Technical Certificate of Credit. • May even earn articulated technical college credit for some of your high school courses. • Opportunity to graduate from high school with employable skill and certification. • HOPE Grant covers costs. • Check out this student testimonial.

  9. Lanier Tech Tentative Course Offerings Fall 2014 Forsyth Campus • Nurse Assisting • Criminal Justice • Design and Media Production • Interior Design • Horticulture • Child Development • Accounting • PC and Network Tech Dawson Campus • Nurse Assisting • Welding • Shampoo Tech • Electrical • Design and Media Production • Auto

  10. Lanier Tech Dual Enrollment Admissions Information • Take entrance exam (Asset or Compass). May be retaken one time at no charge. • (Additional test maybe given for a cost of $15.00) • Turn in completed Lanier Technical College application and pay $15.00 application fee directly to Lanier Technical College. • Complete appropriate financial aid application ONLINE. • If taking core classes complete ACCEL Application • IF taking CTAE classes complete Hope GRANT • Turn in copy of drivers license • Application fee of $15.00 due when application is turned in. • The high schools provide books for Dual Enrollment Students in CTAE Classes. • Students are responsible for Degree Level Core (English, Math, etc.) books. • Lanier Technical College does not charge any mandatory fees to High School Dual Enrollment • students with the exception of students enrolled in programs requiring a malpractice insurance fee of $9.52.

  11. Informational Nights UNG – Cumming Campus • Dual Enrollment Information Night for Parents and Students • January 27th and 28th 6-8pm • 300 Aquatic Circle, Cumming, Ga. 30040 Lanier Tech – Forsyth Conference Center • Dual Enrollment Information Night for Parents and Students - February 4th 6-8pm • Registration and Financial Aid Application Night – April 15th 6-8pm • 3410 Ronald Reagan Blvd,Cumming, Georgia 30041

  12. Career Cruising Documentation • My Plan • My Goals & Plans • Career Planning Activities • + Add an Activity • Select “Learn About Dual Enrollment” • Label it College Credit Now • Date: January 2014 • CLICK SAVE!!