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Horrible Harry PowerPoint Presentation
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Horrible Harry

Horrible Harry

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Horrible Harry

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  1. Horrible Harry

  2. There once was a midget dragon named Bill. Bill was almost frightened of everything. He was also different to all the other large and frightening dragons in the village.

  3. There was: Terrible Toby; Sadistic Steve And Psychological Percy

  4. One day a new dragon came to town; his name was Horrible Harry. Bill was very timid with this new visitor. But after a few days, he wished he hadn’t come to the village.

  5. Bill found out that his friend Awkward Aryan was getting bullied by this monster of a dragon. Gingerly he walked up to Harry. “ Stop – bullying – my friend he stammered.” “ Oh someone who cares about this wimp! Well listen here, your going to be next, I’ll fight with you tomorrow!” said horrible Harry in a frightening voice. He trudged back to his cave full of fright “What am I going to do?”, he thought, “How am I going to face this monster.” Briefly after he got home he went out to find Aryan. “ I know what to do” said Aryan in a wimpy voice. He whispered to Bill what to do. And they were ready for tomorrow.

  6. It was the day of the fight and he went to a rather large rock. He sat the there and waited patiently and silently. Finally he saw Horrible Harry coming in the distance. “Ready for the fight,” he said. “All right bring it on coward,” said Bill. He saw a tear in his eye but he didn’t run away. Then Harry saw all the creatures coming from behind the rock shouting horrible things like coward, wimp. There were lots of people helping him. There was Terrible Toby; Sadistic Steve; Psychological Percy and Awkward Aryan. Then without warning, at the speed of sight they saw Horrible Harry run away and they never saw him again.

  7. If you would like to learn more about bullying click here. This presentation was made by Jack