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Green Printing

Green Printing

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Green Printing

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  1. Green Printing LET’S GO GREEN

  2. What is Green Printing??? Green printing brings along with it is that it uses recycled material and thus the effect of the process on the atmosphere is at its bare minimum. Green printers might be beneficial both to the organization plus the individual,green printers are common set to make new examples. Green printing is just not expensive; the recycled paper included in printing is durable and also quality; the papers used have the ability to yield high-quality printouts just like the virgin papers as used by commercial printers.

  3. Advantages • Environmentally Friendly • Minimization of electricity and power consumption • Reduces the technological impact on the environment. • Allows for more post consumer products recyclability • Allows for enhanced preservation of forest life • Facilitates research and actions on global warming

  4. Disadvantages • Text prints do not come out looking crisp and border more on the grayscale quality. • The font types are not the exact likeness of the Arial or Times New Roman • Although high in quality, is slow to assemble, proof and print

  5. Summary Green Printing is Environment Friendly, allowing you to save money, reduce cost and improve efficiency. Green Printing does not only reduce cost, but reduces the power, paper and trees you consume and the amount of Co2 (Carbon) that is produced. Green Printing: • Reduce power costs • Reduce the amount of paper used • Reduce overall cost on printing • Get more efficient • Reduce your carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly and save trees • Engage in green printing

  6. Recommendations • Lower consumption by emailing drafts, notes, and newsletters instead of printing them. • Edit documents online instead of printing drafts. • One important way to reduce waste is to print on recyclable paper. • For your next meeting or event, choose paper that is recyclable. • Use recycled toner cartridges for laser printers. • Print double sided and on 100% post-consumer paper. • Turn off the printer when not in use.