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The Six Principles of Influence PowerPoint Presentation
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The Six Principles of Influence

The Six Principles of Influence

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The Six Principles of Influence

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  1. The Six Principles of Influence Learn the Principles Based on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Powerful Research

  2. Through extensive research and real-life application, esteemed professor Robert Cialdini identified six principles of influence: + Reciprocity + Commitment (Consistency) + Social Proof + Liking + Authority + Scarcity Here is an overview of each one, and real world examples of the principles being applied.

  3. Don’t Forget The Golden Rule One lesson your parents taught you that is wise never to forget is reciprocity, or the act of returning a favor. How Does Reciprocity Make You Influential? There are actually a lot of feelings involved in favors. When you do something for someone, their visceral reaction is most often that they now feel obliged to do something for you. SEE IT IN ACTION: Let’s say your colleague exclaims he is stumped trying to figure out a new strategy for an old client, offer to sit down and brainstorm with him. Next time you are struggling under a deadline, he mostly likely will be the first to offer his assistance.

  4. Don’t Change Horses In Midstream We are likely to keep a commitment because most of us feel more stable and confident when there is consistency in our actions. How Does Commitment Make You Influential? When someone shows initial support or interest in your idea or plan, they are more likely to agree and stand by your idea down the road because a sense of consistency feels more right than flip-flopping. SEE IT IN ACTION: Your manager asks a few of you to each design a new project model and the board will vote on the best. You make sure to discuss your model early on with members of the board and get them excited about what you are putting together and how it will benefit the organization.

  5. We’re All In This Together It is within human nature that we often mimic the behaviors of those around us as social proof that we are in the norm or doing things right. How Does Social Proof Make You Influential? Especially in leadership roles, by being mindful of your behavior in a way that will get people to notice (without being too showy, of course), you can get your team to follow your lead. SEE IT IN ACTION: You’re trying to overhaul your company’s laissez-faire attitude about timeliness, so you remark about getting an early start on the day and how you believe it will make a difference when reviews come around – all the while sticking to a diligent schedule. One by one your colleagues will follow your lead because no one wants to be left out or left behind.

  6. Voted Most Likable Liking someone makes it so much harder to say no to them. How Does Liking Make You Influential? A friendly, likable disposition (add to that being helpful, too) will make is much easier to persuade people than if you come off as unlikable and distrustful. SEE IT IN ACTION: You call a client in hopes of upgrading their current software package, but first, you inquire about her daughter you remember her telling you just graduated. You’ve set a friendly, personable tone that would make it hard for anyone to not take your trusted advice about that software upgrade.

  7. Trust Me, I’m A Doctor People are much more likely to believe and follow someone with a sense of authority. How Does Authority Make You Influential? Often, we defer to those with an authoritative presence, or those who are, in fact, the authority, such a manager. SEE IT IN ACTION: You arrive at a job interview for lead project manager – you are expertly dressed, have a calm but firm voice, and when asked about your knowledge of the industry, you not only can refer to your experience, but you also know the current numbers and facts across your industry. You are an industry authority, making you an ideal candidate to lead a team.

  8. There’s Only One? I’ll Take It! Things become increasingly in demand under the guise of scarcity. How Does Scarcity Make You Influential? The more rare an item or offer is, the more likely we are to want it. With that said, if you are the gatekeeper to that item or offer, then you hold the power. What matters is how you sell it. SEE IT IN ACTION: You send an invitation to a select few of your highest paying clients and let them know on such-and-such date you will be giving a seminar to an elite group of your clientele and those in attendance will be given an exclusive offer at the end. Please RSVP because space is VERY limited.

  9. Strategic communication is key to carrying out a successful call to action, getting to agreement, or reaching a targeted result. These are everyday objectives for many individuals and companies, but few have been expertly trained in negotiation and influence skills. Vengel Consulting Group partners with individuals and organizations to deliver a fully integrated learning experience to apply on even a global scale. You and your organization are dependent on effective communication and the ability to negotiate – Vengel provides learning that matters. For more information on how Vengel’s award winning programs can help you and your organization, please visit Source: Cialdini, R.B. (1984). Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion