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Why Outsource With

You can outsource any office work in any field, both non-core as well as technical and specialist functions.

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Why Outsource With

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  1. Why Outsource With You can outsource any office work in any field We make outsourcing very easy – no messy logistics! Outsourcing without any restrictions You are not outsourcing but hiring an employee Outsource for just us $895 - us$1495 per month equals professionalism unlike freelance outsourcing's office is an extension of the client's office

  2. You Can Outsource Any Office Work In Any Field You can outsource any office work in any field, both non-core as well as technical and specialist functions. Non-core competencies such as Transcription, Content Writing, SEO and Internet Marketing Highly skilled and specialist positions such as Architecture, Engineering, Software Development, Graphics Designing and Law Back office and non-technical work such as Data Entry, Research, Scanning documents, Payroll

  3. We Make Outsourcing Very Easy – No Messy Logistics! If the work you wish to outsource needs only a PC and an Internet connection, then you can outsource to us! It is as simple as that. No need to leave the comfort of your office or home or country No need to invest in infrastructure, office space and rent, extra hardware and software No need to invest in recruitment for fresh employees and having to deal with the subsequent legal work, employee laws, benefits, etc We provide everything that an employee requires to work efficiently from our office, right from infrastructure to all the latest software We provide your virtual employee with a PC/ laptop, fast Internet connection, fax, scanner, printer, telephone with your country's local number

  4. Outsourcing Without Any Restrictions There are no restrictions on the number of Virtual Employees a company can hire Clients can outsource and hire from just one Virtual Employee to as many as are required - 10, 50 or even 100-plus Outsource any job in any field Outsource mix functions (PHP, Website designing, Content Writing, SEO) and enjoy working with your very own offshore virtual team

  5. You Are Not Outsourcing But Hiring An Employee The best part about is that you never feel as though you are outsourcing! Every Virtual Employee is a full time, permanent and dedicated resource Every Virtual Employee puts in a 8-hour working day and is hired on a long term basis Your Virtual Employee works directly for and with you and no one else You freely interact with your Virtual Employee as you would with a locally hired employee So this is actually like hiring a full time and permanent employee as opposed to outsourcing as is commonly understood.

  6. Outsource for just US $895 - US$1495 per month The typical cost of a full-time Virtual Employee is US $895-US$1495 per month, (that is, for a Virtual Employee who works an entire month) No matter how highly talented or experienced an Indian professional might be, they will always be more affordable than their Western counterparts Companies, therefore, make significant savings when they outsource with

  7. Equals Professionalism Unlike Freelance Outsourcing Outsourcing to freelancers is always a bit of a gamble – it may be a success, it may not be There is no third party overseeing a freelancer's work and progress When companies outsource with, your Virtual Employee is accountable to both you and the outsourcing company acts as the monitoring, supervising and regulating authority on your behalf This model of outsourcing imparts greater credibility and professionalism to outsourcing as compared to when outsourcing with a freelancer

  8.'s Office Is An Extension Of The Client's Office When a company outsources with, it doesn't just get a Virtual Employee. It gets the entire offshore outsourcing package. A client gets a ready made offshore office, complete with all the necessary props (office space, hardware, communication technological devices) A 24x7 support staff in the form of HR managers, a vigilant technical team, senior project managers and team leaders – all acting as your physical representatives here in India Accounts and payroll and employee-related issues are effectively taken care of by

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