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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift

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  1. Taylor Swift

  2. born • Taylor Swift was born on December 13th in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. When she was little she grew up on a Christmas tree farm, and on the holidays she helped sell them. She has a younger brother named Austin. Her parents’ names are Scott and Andrea.

  3. SCHOOL She went to school until she became famous. Then she was home schooled by private teachers. She got A’s and B’s in school. When she was fourteen and a high school freshman sitting in math class, she wrote her very first hit song.

  4. Our song • Taylor writes songs about what she’s gone threw in her life, like break ups in the past . She also wrote “ Our Song” when she was a high school freshman . When she was eleven she went to visit Nashville , Tennessee and brought a tape of songs she wrote and gave it to record companies in a famous area called Music Roll.

  5. Role model • Taylor Swift does not like showing a lot of skin because she wants to be a perfect role model for the kids in the audience watching her perform. She is also terrified of tattoos, so she draws on herself. She also would rather wear a dress then wear t-shirt and blue jeans.

  6. Make a wish foundation • In 2007,Taylor helped in the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Off stage she likes to bake and go online. She also likes hanging out with her friends and family.

  7. Pink guitar • Taylor has a pink, sparkly guitar inspired for the Taylor Swift doll manufactured by JAKKS. It was the fan favorite guitar.

  8. awards • She won many awards, like the Country Music Awards in 2008. She also won many Grammy awards like one being the youngest artist in history to win Album of the Year. She won it for her album Fearless.

  9. 24 • Taylor Swift just turned 24 this past December and she also wrote her latest hit album Red.

  10. red • People liked her album Red so much that 1.2 million copies were sold in the U.S in it’s first week in 2014. Red also scored the highest 1st week sales debut of any album in over a decade.

  11. Fifteen • Miley Cyrus sang her song, Fifteen at the Grammy Award show. She toured with George Strait, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and many more.

  12. quote • Taylor said, “There are times in the arena when everyone is screaming and I’m thinking to myself this is exactly why I wanted to do this.”