whitepaper is your cms holding back your business n.
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Whitepaper Is Your CMS Holding Back Your Business? PowerPoint Presentation
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Whitepaper Is Your CMS Holding Back Your Business?

Whitepaper Is Your CMS Holding Back Your Business?

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Whitepaper Is Your CMS Holding Back Your Business?

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  1. Whitepaper Is Your CMS Holding Back Your Business?

  2. Introduction The CMS your website uses can help you hit all of your targets, or give you a lot of sleepless nights and headaches. A good CMS should make you and your team more productive, and should be able to meet all of your expectations as a business owner or marketing professional. You might think your CMS is o.k, but do you really know how it stacks up against the other options in the market, and are you missing a trick by not considering the pros and cons of other platforms? What would it be worth to you and your team if you could finally implement that revised Checkout process? Or if you could get your B2B lead generation working smoother? All of those CMS headaches you currently experience could be a thing of the past on a different platform, how will you know until do the research? Read on to find out more...

  3. CMS SWOT Analysis The first thing to do, is analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your current CMS. In other words, what can it do, and what can’t it do. Use the template below for your own CMS. Change the functionality for whatever is appropriate to your goals/responsibilities. Award a score of 1-10 for each piece of functionality, based on how important it is. 10 being the highest importance, 1 being the lowest. Add up your total for Can Do and Can’t Do to see if you are in need of a new CMS.

  4. Ease of Use How easy is your CMS to use? Is it difficult to carry out regular day to day activities that you need to do your job? The whole point of a content management system is to allow you to manage your websitewithout using code. The litmus test for ease of use is, how many times are you told “that’s not possible” or “we can’t do that”?

  5. Speed Ease of use is important, but so is speed. How quickly do things get done on your CMS? Does every single task have to go through a developer, and if so, how long does it take? Is it an arduous process to do things like create new page designs, upload blogs, or create a popup? Speed of execution and the time it takes to carry out tasks through your CMS can drastically hamper your marketing efforts As a marketing professional, your time should be spent on strategy and execution, not running in circles trying to get the website to work!

  6. Cost How much does it cost to have maintenance and development work done on your CMS? This price is relative to the supply and demand curve for your CMS. If you use a CMS with large market share, there is likely a big pool of developers, which means the price will be affordable. This also likely means there are many free and affordable plugins/extensions for your site. You can view the CMS market share stats here.

  7. 3rd Party Support When integrating with 3rd parties, do you find that there is always a ready made plugin or integration for your CMS? Or, do you need to create your own custom integration with most services? If your CMS is small, or niche, it is likely that there won’t be ‘out of the box’ integrations for a lot of services with your website - whether they be marketing, analytics or payment related.