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  1. Japan Reading: Page 1 Answers: Worksheet 1

  2. Japan is about the same size as the state of: California

  3. Japan has a population of over:100 million people

  4. Japan is located in: Asia

  5. The Pacific Ocean The East China Sea The Sea of Japan Japan is surrounded by:

  6. Japan is made up of:4 main islands

  7. The largest of the islands is:Honshu

  8. The capital of Japan is: Tokyo

  9. Japan’s most famous mountain is:Mt. Fuji

  10. Planting crops on low mountain slopes is called: terraced farming (also: step farming)

  11. Much of the food eaten in Japan comes from: the sea

  12. Food and products bought from other countries are called: imports

  13. Earthquakes Typhoons Two problems Japan has because of its geographical location are:

  14. The destructive waves that hit Japan are called: tidal waves (or tsunamis)

  15. The large tribes that once ruled Japan were called: clans

  16. The most powerful of these tribes worshipped a: sun goddess

  17. Today Japan is still called: “the land of the rising sun”

  18. The Japanese flag symbolizes the rising sun

  19. The most powerful of the clan leaders became an: emperor

  20. An emperor rules over: his own land and the lands of others

  21. The “ruling class” fought for and protected the emperor

  22. The Japanese type of government was called: feudalism

  23. The strong, powerful people who became the military leaders were: • Shoguns

  24. The power handed from father to son was called: hereditary power

  25. The famous military fighters of Japan were: Samurai

  26. Rather than surrender to an enemy, these fighters would: commit suicide

  27. This type of death was named: hari-kari

  28. Japan Reading: Page 3 Worksheet: 2

  29. The 1400’s are called: the Age of Exploration

  30. Europeans were going to: Asia and Africa

  31. The Europeans came to Japan: in the mid 1500’s

  32. The Europeans brought with them the religion of: Christianity

  33. Any Japanese who tried to change to this religion was: tortured or executed

  34. The Japanese chose not to mix with the Europeans and chose “isolation” from the Europeans

  35. Japan was part of the Eastern World and Europe was part of the Western World

  36. Japan remained isolated for about: 200 years

  37. In history, Japan came out of it’s isolation when American ships sailed into Tokyo Bay

  38. The American naval officer who sailed into Tokyo Bay was: Matthew Perry

  39. The Asian country that England had defeated was: China

  40. The other European country that was also interested in Japan was: Russia

  41. Japan was afraid England and Russia might: invade them

  42. The Japanese believed if the Americans stayed in Japan, the other countries would not try to conquer Japan

  43. Japan’s isolation had to end because Japan was getting: far behind Europe and the United States

  44. The type of war the Japanese had among themselves was a: civil war

  45. One side in this war wanted to give more power back to the emperor. And wanted to modernize Japan The two sides

  46. The civil war was won by the people who wanted to modernize Japan

  47. Japan Reading: Page 5 Worksheet: 3

  48. New equipment for the factories For a country to grow and modernize it must have:

  49. The new class of people gaining power in Japan were: merchants