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  1. PLASTIC PACIFIC By Kamiera Wright

  2. Plastic kills lots of life's ! • The Albatross is one of the most endanged species they are dyeing from the plastic they think is food. • You may not think that it will do any bad to us but all that plastic kills us and the environment plus it costs us millions of pounds in annual clean up costs. • A lot of the plastic is eaten by lots of different species and all that plastic builds up inside of them and damages a lot of their insides. • Researches don’t know what it will do to us and our world

  3. How much plastic gets dumped everyyear ? • Every year 100’s of thousands tonnes of our waste gets either dumped or washed into the Pacific Ocean. • Over the past 10 years beach litter has increased by 80%. • ( Great Pacific garbage patch) is between California and Hawaii which is thought to be twice the size of Texas. • It is estimated that litter kills thousands of marine creatures such as, whales, seals, dolphins and lots of different birds.

  4. What happens in the water? • Thousands of tonnes of plastic debris ends up in the oceans every year. • When some plastics decompose they realise the chemicals , Bispherol, A (BBA) and PS oligomers into the water. • Plastic waste is a pollutant killer that does not break down easily. • All that waste is killing innocent animals that just want to survive.

  5. What you can do! • In the last year several councils have banned or put in place voluntary agreements to prevent mass balloon realises. • So don’t do the balloon races and don’t be the one responsible for our litter crisis. • Instead of buying plastic toys buy wood toys you and your children will enjoy and you will be saving the world. • So be eco friendly and don’t let litter take over.