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Victoria Films|Commercials Film Production PowerPoint Presentation
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Victoria Films|Commercials Film Production

Victoria Films|Commercials Film Production

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Victoria Films|Commercials Film Production

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  2. The Montreal chapter for the Global Game Jam is about to begin . Participants from all over the world get together in order to create a video game. Based on a theme, they have to come up with a prototype over the course of a weekend . Thus here we are ladies and gentlemen, ready to rock! So from Friday 6PM to Sunday 6PM the world freezes for all of us and each team is gathered to brainstorm, design, model program and sound design a game. 865 game jam at the same time around the world, it brings industry professionals, hobbyists and students together. And this year’s theme is…hold on to your hats… <>…

  3. We at Victoria Films love this kind of creative, physical and mental challenge. Stay tuned, for more news about the results and in the mean -time, feel free to shoot our 72 Pilots team few encouragements and messages, especially around 2a.m and 6a.m when all the cats are asleep and we are about to give up too…

  4. This is not a competition There is nothing to win except the pleasure of creating. It’s a moment of work, concentration, exchange, madness … Brief history In 2008, Susan Gold, a member of the IGDA (US) decided to create a global Jam based on the Indie Game Jam, Ludum Dareand Nordic Game Jam. Developed by IGDA (International Game Developer’s Association), the Global Game Jam is since 2013 a non-profit associationthat continues to grow and attract more and more jammers.If you would like to know more, please visit The Montreal Game Jam website.