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Getting featured in iOS App store and its Benefits PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting featured in iOS App store and its Benefits

Getting featured in iOS App store and its Benefits

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Getting featured in iOS App store and its Benefits

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  1. Getting featured in iOS App store and its Benefits The App Store is a platform that showcases iOS apps for the user-consumptions. The store comes with a section specially dedicated to high-performing, accessible, and premium apps, which also knows as Featured Apps. The app store has some set criteria and barriers for enabling them the entry of applications in this section. Featuring an app in this section is the dream of every iOS app builder, which is not far-fetched. The platform comes with enhanced visibility to applications, allowing them the marketing to boost the downloads. In short, it provides the right marketing platform to iOS apps and creates a huge demand. Ever since Apple's iOS 13 announcement, we've seen Apple's dedication to enhancing the user experience for its users. In this way, the criteria to find and utilize applications on the store have been altered, and the included applications experience more efficient keyword optimization. In this article, we will see where your application can highlight in the store and how being included in the App Store can make applications progressively effective. Where can your app get featured? iOS apps on the application store can be highlighted in more than one spot. The App Store ordinarily puts well-known applications on either the Today tab, the Apps tab, or the Games tab. These tabs make it simple to find new applications on the Apple Store. For example, the Today Tab gives end users unique stories from editors who survey these applications. These editors feature new discharges, restrictive debuts, Game of the Day, and an App of the Day. Usually, the Today tab collects the most noteworthy number of traffic since clients will, in general, open this tab very frequently. Numerous clients likewise visit the Game tab and the Apps tab, as indicated by their inclinations. In any case, the traffic on these pages is not precisely the applications in the Today tab. Publishes from these editors can likewise get included through "Lists" in Apple. Editors have the ability to

  2. curate these rundowns as per subjects. For example, these rundowns contain applications identified with gaming, solid cooking, and other prevalent classifications. Every list only showcases apps that are identified with a specific topic. In this manner, utilizing themed records is a fantastic method to target and secure customers who are keen on the kind of use you have. Applications Featured on the App Store Application developers can utilize the App Store as an advertising tool. The platform can enable an application to show up in personalized search output. It additionally allows application developers to check their application as per the feedback of the user and comprehend what users of the application need to find in their application. Subsequently, applications start developing a reliable user base and create higher retention rates. Let's see the three important reasons to feature the app on the App store. Lower Acquisition Costs Acquisition cost is the amount of money that advertisers need to spend on showcasing strategies for promoting an application. A definitive objective of investing money in this strategy is to drive more prominent downloads and get more users. User acquisition is critical to the success of any mobile app. In any case, it can likewise cost great effort, time, assets, and money. In this manner, if you get your app featured on the App Store, you can spare yourself from these costs. To get featured means those users will have a more noteworthy possibility of finding, installing, and utilizing the app. Therefore, you can decrease user acquisition costs. Presentation to More Relevant Users Having an application included in themed lists expands an application's visibility among potential users interested in the content. Without exposing your application to the exact targeted audience, you cannot experience people engaging with it. Since everybody coming on the App Store can see your application, you have a more chance or possibility of getting connected with the users who are ready to engage. This legitimately converts into application success and growth. Enhanced revenue: Since your application is being promoted organically and experiencing higher user visibility on the app

  3. store, users will consequently download the application more. As the number of downloads on the application are expanding, so is your revenue growth. No matter which type of app you have, being incorporated into Featured Apps on the Apple Store can open a window of opportunities for application. Panacea Infotech offers robust iOS app development and delivers high-quality user-centric iOS app that helps our clients in getting featured in App Store with ease. Contact us now! Source URL: