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relief india trust (making life)

Relief Trust India is one single organization that is exceptional in all that it delivers to the needy and less privileged in the society. The organization thus works hard to ensure regeneration of lives irrespective of status in the society.

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relief india trust (making life)

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  1. Relief india trust Creating Accountability through Relief Trust India

  2. The beauty of life is seeing all those around us smile. Life is actually magical when we integrate and share as was initially intended by the creator of the Universe. If you are a believer, then you understand that we are all one and the same and so starting with the family as a basic unit of the society, we can make life more worth living and enjoyable. Contrary to that, it is quite saddening that there are many people out there; children, mothers and physically challenged with weeping eyes and sad faces all the time! The beauty is no longer there as such depressions in the air have covered all the beauty. Making Life Beautiful With Relief Trust India

  3. Various Functions of Relief Trust India as a Leading NGO Relief Trust India is a non-profit making non-governmental organization that is mainly aimed at improving the quality of life by supporting humanity in various ways. In order to achieve the various set goals and objectives, the organization has sought the help of voluntary associations, individuals and communities working at different levels. Since its creation, Relief Trust India has grown drastically to become an international NGO that is more prominent in India and other parts outside India. In order to help the needy, the organization has developed different strategies and methodologies at both community and international levels to ensure the entire humanity is cared for.

  4. The female gender is known to be seeking entitlement to women’s rights in many societies of the world. Most of these rights are supported by law and local customs by ignored and suppressed most of the times. Women's rights are actually as basic as general human rights and so should be upheld by all means to safeguard the girl child and women in a broader perspective. In many societies, the history of an inherent bias of the rights of women in favor of men is quite visible and for that reason the creation of various institutions that will see a balance in both genders in relation to access of basic rights. Relief Trust India forms part of the bigger scope fighting the oppression of women's rights in the society. Relief Trust India: Women’s Rights Safeguarded

  5. Children are usually considered weak members of the society and so their rights are often violated and their voice ignored by the relevant authorities dealing with children's rights. This makes life unbearable for them, especially when they are from poor and less privileged backgrounds. Relief Trust India is here to ensure the voice of the voiceless is heard and loud for that matter. The Trust comes out strongly to help the children fight for their rights and enable them earn their rightful place in the society that is of respect and care. The trust also works hard to ensure the children overcome the several challenges facing them in their daily operation. Relief Trust India- Children’s Needs Taken Care Of

  6. In order for one to have a good quality of life, a number of factors need to be put in perspective, including maintaining a proper health by maintaining a proper health condition, education and the ability to meet other basic necessities in one’s life. Talking about this; imagine of a family living in the slums and whose survival is wholly by chance because they are not able to afford basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, leave alone decent medical health checkups from time to time. Relief trust India has come into play to help such families afford proper medical health checkups besides other basic necessities so as to realize their full potential just like the rest of their friends from rich families. Enhancing A Healthy Living Through Health Check Up Camps

  7. Relief India Trust- An NGO With Awesome Performance

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