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relif india trust funds

, Relief India Trust organizes for disaster awareness and management campaigns across the country more especially the most disaster prone areas

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relif india trust funds

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  1. SOCIAL SERVICE IN THE SOCIETY The fight for the child and women's rights has also dominated the organization’s top objectives. The two groups are usually considered as weak members of the society and quite often discriminated against or their rights violated. The Relief India Trust is now the voice of the weak and that way enabled those involved in violating the rights held responsible by law authorities.

  2. AN NGO THAT CURES ALL SOCIAL EVILS India has come a long way in terms of economic, political and social development, thanks to the efforts made by NGOs in realizing a better India. The Relief India Trust is one of such NGOs that has in various ways contributed to boosting the living standards of the needy and underprivileged so as to realize a better society with equal opportunities for all.

  3. AN INDIAN NGO WITH TRANSPARENT SYSTEM Remote and rural areas are usually sidelined and left behind in terms of development. This is no longer the case as Relief India comes in to fight for the rights of all people in the country regardless of where they are located. Through this trust, the government is held to task to ensure equal distribution of resources to all parts of the country including the most remote areas.

  4. UPLIFTING THE POOR THROUGH RELIEF INDIA TRUST FUNDING Poverty is no longer something we hear; it is something we see in our daily lives with so many children on the streets begging for money while others are lying on the roadsides with torn clothes and emaciated due to lack of what to eat. This simply implies one thing; the urge for help is increasing each day. Helping such children and other people in remote rural areas is what the Relief India Trust looks into so as to revamp their lifestyles.

  5. BECOME PART OF RELIEF TRUST INDIA BY VOLUNTEERING As a volunteer, you will be guided through the noble cause by first attending a volunteer orientation meeting where you will familiarize yourself with Relief Trust India’s actions, goals and objectives for you to know more about the trust. This way, you will get to know what exactly you can do as a volunteer in Relief Trust India. Remember that as a volunteer, you have a personal obligation to commit yourself into bringing about a change in the society at large.


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