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ES&UE eTime

ES&UE eTime. Off Campus Work-Study Student Edition. Filling Out a Timesheet. Filling Out a Timesheet. Filling Out a Timesheet. You must enter and submit time on a weekly basis. Filling Out a Timesheet.

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ES&UE eTime

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  1. ES&UE eTime Off Campus Work-Study Student Edition

  2. Filling Out a Timesheet

  3. Filling Out a Timesheet

  4. Filling Out a Timesheet You must enter and submit time on a weekly basis.

  5. Filling Out a Timesheet worked as shown on the right. The system will calculate your daily and weekly totals each time you click ‘Save for Later’. Holidays will be auto-populated and will give a warning if you try to enter time on a holiday. If you actually worked on a holiday, ignore the warnings.

  6. Filling Out a Timesheet

  7. Filling Out a Timesheet reviewed so they can take action. You must submit your timesheet on the last working day of each week in order to get paid.

  8. Send Timesheet to Agency Supervisor • After Submitting your timesheet, click “Send Notification” which appears after the page reloads • This allows you to send a copy of the timesheet (PDF format) to your Agency Supervisor

  9. Send Notification • After clicking Send Notification, this box will pop-up • Enter your supervisors email and click ‘Send Email’ • They will review the file and forward it to the work-study office who will then approve it in the eTimesheet system

  10. Filling Out a Timesheet 8 Once you have submitted your timesheet to your supervisor your status will read Submitted, Pending Approval.

  11. Filling Out a Timesheet 9 Employee view of approved timesheet

  12. Timesheet Process The most important thing to remember: Submission + Approval = Paycheck

  13. Critical Process Steps • Agency Supervisors must: • Make sure their students are submitting time weekly • Review PDF of timesheet (received via email) • Forward PDF of timesheet to Work-Study Office with ‘Approved’ in email each week • Students must: • Enter time on a daily basis • Submit timesheets by deadline / last scheduled work day of each week • ‘Send Notification’ to Agency Supervisor immediately after submitting timesheet • Submission + Approval = Paycheck

  14. Remember Submission + Approval = Paycheck

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