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Rules & Regulations @ BSC

Rules & Regulations @ BSC. Ang Lai Chiang Head / BSC. Within the campus (I) . Be courteous to everyone at all times Greet all teachers and staff whenever you meet them. ( 你好 )

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Rules & Regulations @ BSC

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  1. Rules & Regulations @ BSC Ang Lai Chiang Head / BSC

  2. Within the campus (I) • Be courteous to everyone at all times Greet all teachers and staff whenever you meet them. (你好) • Show sensitivity and respect when you are talking to the teachers or interacting with the students; irregardless of the schools that they are from. • Be punctual for all activities – always arrive 15 minutes ahead of scheduled time.

  3. Within the campus (II) • Participate actively and show the spirit of camaraderie in all activities. • Be properly and smartly attired at all times: no funky outfits, coloured or gelled hair. • Refrain from eating chewing gum – it is banned in the school. • During lessons, pay attention to the teacher.

  4. Within the campus (III) • Do not leave the classroom or lab without informing the teacher-in-charge. • Always do warm-up exercise before you engage in sporting activities. • Be proactive and responsible – keep the school and class environment clean and conducive for learning.

  5. During Outing (I) • Always follow instructions given by your teachers, tour leaders and group leaders. • Be tolerant of fellow group members and travellers. • Look out for one another’s safety.

  6. During Outing (II) • Be respectful of the customs & traditions of the host country. Refrain from making insensitive comments. • No smoking, drinking or gambling is allowed. • Do not buy chewing gum, software or any other products that is prohibited in Singapore. • Be considerate to fellow patrons in dormitory, restaurants, bus, subway etc.

  7. During Outing (III) • Never stray away from the group. If you need to go to the public toilets, inform the teacher before you move off in pairs. Remember to return with your buddy. • Take care of your own personal belongings – beware of pickpockets. • In case of emergency, report to the teachers immediately

  8. In the Dormitory (I) • Keep rooms clean and tidy at all times. • Put your personal belongings properly; do not leave them all over the place or occupy other people’s spaces. • Keep the toilet clean - always flush or wash after use.

  9. In the Dormitory (II) • Consumption of beer, wine, liquor or alcoholic drinks is PROHIBITED. • There is to be NO gambling at all times. • Inform your teacher-in-charge or warden immediately if you are sick or do not feel well. • Inform the teachers or wardens immediately if any of your room mates are unwell.

  10. In the Dormitory (III) • Switch off the lights, fans and heater before you leave the room. • Get ready to stand by bed at 6.45am on school days. • Lights off at 10.30pm • Be considerate as your group is not the only occupant in the dormitory

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