presentation to the portfolio committee domestic tourism in south africa n.
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Presentation to the Portfolio Committee: Domestic Tourism in South Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation to the Portfolio Committee: Domestic Tourism in South Africa

Presentation to the Portfolio Committee: Domestic Tourism in South Africa

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Presentation to the Portfolio Committee: Domestic Tourism in South Africa

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  1. Presentation to the Portfolio Committee: Domestic Tourism in South Africa

  2. Strives to contribute to … Sustainable GDP growth Sustainable job creation Redistribution and transformation Increased length of stay Increases in tourist volume Increases in tourist spend … through delivering sustained ... Improved geographic spread Improved seasonality patterns Understand the market Choose the attractive segments Market the Destination … by acting in a focused way to … Facilitate the removal of obstacles Facilitate the product platform Monitor and learn from tourist experience Promote transformation

  3. South African Tourism’s core business is marketing South Africa as a preferred international tourist destination, but this does not occur in a vacuum… Domestic Tourism International Tourism Strategy Domestic Tourism Base-load Products Customers Investment ProductDevelopment - Who? - Where? Marketing Who do we organise against to win, and how? - What? - When? - How? Access - Visas - Flights - Channels Channels

  4. Domestic Tourism and the African Market are the bed-rock of the sector Split of SA’s International Tourists by Long-Haul and Short-Haul (2001) Split of SA’s International and Domestic Tourists (2001) 5.79 million 1.70 million Long-Haul (Overseas and North Africa) 29% Domestic 63% International 37% Short-Haul (SADC, Central & East Africa) 71% 4.09 million 9.86 million

  5. The Domestic Traveller Informed by: Friends or family (42%) Radio (12%) Television (9%) Newspaper (7%) How did I travel to my destination? Taxi (43%) Car (21%) Length stay: 6.2 nights Spend in SA: 216 R/day Where did I go? KZN (19%) Western Cape (16.2%) Gauteng (15.9%) Northern Cape (14%) Where did I stay? With Friends /family (24%) Own holiday house, flat (29%) Stayed in the house of friends/relatives (23%) Mainly female (54%) visitors between 25-44 years (45%) with income of less than R 750/ month per household (33%) What am I interested in doing? Go to the beach (63%) Shopping (56%) Visit a historical site (53%) What attractions did I visit? Durban/Westville/Bluff (8%) Johannesburg/Plaza (6%) Cape Town/Claremont (5%) Source: SAT Departure Survey 1998-2000, Monitor Analysis

  6. Domestic Trips in South Africa34 million trips per annum %

  7. Tourism activities that dominate SA tourism’s product portfolio are: Ecotourism Sun and Sand Culture Health Entertainment • Progressive, educational travel which conserves the environment and benefits local communities • Scenic beauty, nature / wildlife reserves, botanical gardens • Beach activities • Visiting social, cultural, political and historical attractions • Medical treatments, health operations • Spa waters, springs • Dining, night life, visiting a casino, live shows, dancing Sports Adventure Religious Shopping MICE • Meetings, incentives, conferences and events Trade • Taking part in a sports event or being a spectator • Wilderness and challenging environment • Scuba diving, skydiving • Religious gatherings • Shopping in malls • Meeting with suppliers / customers

  8. The Main activities are entertainment and shopping (Million R)

  9. Major Attractions in each province

  10. Share of Nights Spent by Province (2000) There are a number of challenges that face the domestic tourism market in SA. Some of these issues are not only essential for domestic tourism but for growth of the international market too… Unlock the value of domestic and African markets The flow of funds BE and equity Job creation Opportunities for PDIs Participation & benefit for all South Africans $ Other 21.3% KZN 16.4% Arrivals to South Africa (1998-2001) Gauteng 24.3% Western Cape 38.0% • Economic constraints on local tourists • We know that LSMs 8-10 already travel locally and internationally, • The challenge of the Domestic Strategy is to encourage South Africans who may not currently be able to, or who do not believe they are able to, to be tourists in their own country, South Africa • The involvement of SMME’s in the industry

  11. The Welcome Campaign has been launched to address some of these issues • Get South Africans ready to receive tourists: understand the benefits, their role and the expectations of tourists. • Encourage South Africans to travel domestically and use South African Tourist products through the “Tourism Month” promotions. • To facilitate the creation of the appropriate conditions for delivering a high quality, satisfying tourism experience. These conditions are: • Safety and health • Clean environment • High standards and good service • Information and access • The message and activities of Welcome must add value to the international campaign • Welcome talks to international tourists as well as locals Objectives

  12. The link between domestic tourism campaigns and international tourism development in SA critical Consumers as tourists in South Africa are demand drivers South Africans deliver and enhance the tourism experience Drive up the demand standard Build capacity and capability Understand the value Be a tourist in your own country Welcome tourists Be prepared for tourists

  13. It is important for South Africa to have a well developed Domestic Tourism market. DEAT & SATourism’s role, going forward, is to… DEAT – Policy driver - enabler Campaigns to stimulate South Africans to travel more Welcome campaign Tourism Month campaign “Tourism is everyone's business-play your part” Understand the size of the domestic tourism market Calculate the value of the domestic tourism industry Understand the industry structure, how employment is created 2002/3 domestic research project is underway Conduct domestic tourism research Develop market intelligence with provinces and help to facilitate implementation Identify marketing opportunities for each province through segmentation Identify consumer needs in terms of product development Develop ways to mobilise the industry to support SMME’s and transformation Poverty alleviation via through tourism related projects (DEAT poverty relief study)

  14. Thank You Tourism is everyone's business, play your part !