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Workplace Etiquette

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Workplace Etiquette

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Workplace Etiquette

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  1. Workplace Readiness Series Workplace Etiquette 2014

  2. Workplace Readiness Series • Resume Writing • Job Search 2014 • How To Successfully Ace a Job Interview • Workplace Etiquette • Taking Charge of Your Career

  3. What is Etiquette?

  4. Test Your Etiquette Intelligence Answer the following Workplace Etiquette Questions…

  5. Meeting Etiquette • How early should you arrive for a scheduled meeting? • What about arriving late? • How do I enter a meeting in progress gracefully? • What should I do if I have to leave a meeting early? • What should I do if I miss a meeting? • As the organizer of the meeting, what should you do if you notice that you will need to go past the scheduled ending time?

  6. Nametags • Why are nametags so important? • Nametags should be worn on your RIGHT side front shoulder area • Enables a person to see your name as you’re shaking hands • If worn around your neck – adjust the length so it can be easily seen without the other person looking down • Do not clip nametags at the bottom of your jacket • If writing your own name tag – write clearly or have someone else do it

  7. Greetings • When meeting someone, always rise if seated, extend your hand and repeat the other person’s name in your greeting. • A good handshake is important – it should be firm and held for 3 seconds • Types of handshakes: • The Dead Fish • The Terminator • The Finger Holder • The Smothered • Females and males should be ready to initiate a handshake • Is it proper to hug in business?

  8. Introductions • Why are introductions one of the most important acts in business life? • Proper Introductions • Introduce a younger person to an older person • Introduce a non-official person to an official person • Introduce a junior person to a senior person • Do not assume that everyone wants to be called by his 0r her first name

  9. Business Meals Don’t order messy meals Order something in the mid-price range Hold your utensils properly Don’t drink too much Make conversation Practice good table manners

  10. Receptions/Social Hour /Networking • What is the purpose of a business reception? • Mingling/ making contacts • Part of an interview process • Employee entertaining clients • When you enter, observe the layout of the room • If no tables, you should have your food or your drink in your hand – never both. • If you have a drink, hold it in your left hand • If you have food, hold it in your right hand and eat with your left • If tables – you can have food and drink together – be ready to stand and greet people • Always greet/introduce yourself to the host/hostess • Connect with as many guests as possible - focus eye contact on that individual and after a time politely excuse yourself to move on to someone else

  11. Personal Appearance • Dress codes can be confusing • So many labels • Business attire • Business casual • Casual • What you see is what you get! • The clothes we choose communicate an important nonverbal image to others

  12. Dress for Success – for WOMEN • A straight-forward business suit is best. • Wear sensible pumps. • Be moderate with make-up and perfume. • Makeup should enhance your natural features, not create new ones! • Wear simple jewelry. • Hair and fingernails should be well-groomed. • Bring pen and notepad to jot down any information you may need to remember

  13. Dress for Success – for MEN A clean, ironed shirt and conservative tie are a must. A simple jacket or business suit is a good idea as well. Shoes should be polished. Face should be clean-shaven; facial hair should be neatly trimmed. Hair and fingernails should be well-groomed. Use cologne or after-shave sparingly. Bring pen and notepad to jot down any information you may need to remember  

  14. How much does a person’s appearance influence your opinion of him or her?

  15. Simple Rules of Personal Appearance • When in doubt about how to dress, examine others that you respect and imitate that • Your attire should reflect your environment and your position • Never wear clothes that reveal too much • Always err on the conservative side • Avoid over accessorizing and skip cheap looking accessories • Keep it neat and clean - no stains, rips or holes • Do not wear wrinkled garments

  16. Top Workplace Etiquette Tips…Package Your Brand Identity • Manage your communication style (talking, emails, body language, etc.) • Meet people with confidence - say your name clearly • Dress well – always • Speak to be heard and with certainty • Show genuine interest in others • Listen attentively and for understanding not rebuttal • Build your brand • Be true to your brand

  17. Thank You for attending Workplace Etiquette