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  1. ASIS INTERNATIONALChapter Audits prepared by

  2. CHAPTER AUDITS As stewards of a chapter’s money the chapter officers are responsible for the careful handling and dissemination of funds.

  3. CHAPTER AUDITS One chapter responsibility is the keeping of accurate records that are transparent and readily available to the membership for viewing.

  4. CHAPTER AUDITS Every ASIS chapter must submit a report each month to ASIS HQ detailing income and expenses and chapter equity.

  5. CHAPTER AUDITS Each year chapters should perform an audit.

  6. CHAPTER AUDITS • ASIS International has prepared a Chapter Financial Handbook to assist in the accounting process. • Look under the Resources tab at

  7. CHAPTER AUDITS Chapter 5 discusses audits Finances should be audited each year using the checklist contained in the Chapter Financial Handbook. The checklist will be covered later in this presentation

  8. CHAPTER AUDITS First let’s look at a few ASIS International Policies and Procedures related to recordkeeping, tax filing and audits

  9. ASIS Policy highlights Policy 4005: Meetings and Records Excerpts from Policy 4005 II. Chapters will maintain appropriate records of chapter business. IV. Chapters should make every effort to retain as a permanent record all correspondence, minutes, and financial records deemed appropriate.

  10. ASIS Policy highlights Policy 4005: Meetings and Records (continued) VI. Chapters will submit a financial status statement to ASIS HQ at the end of each year.

  11. ASIS Policy highlights Procedure 4011: Finances II. All monies, securities, and funds of the chapter will be received by the Chapter Treasurer and deposited in an account in the name of the chapter in a sound banking institution. Regular accounts of all receipts and disbursements will be maintained by the Chapter Treasurer.

  12. ASIS Policy highlights Procedure 4011: Finances (continued) Records should be available at all reasonable times for inspection by all officers and chapter members in good standing and by authorized representatives of the Executive Committee of ASIS, the Treasurer of ASIS, and the Regional Vice President of the region where the chapter is located.

  13. Chapter IRS filing requirements Policy 4015: IRS Group Exemption I. General Each chapter is responsible for filing its own annual tax return!

  14. Chapter IRS filing requirements Procedure 4015: IRS Group Exemption I. Reporting Requirements for Form 990 or 990EZ A. An annual return on Form 990 or 990EZ is required of organizations exempt from tax under Internal Revenue Code. An exception to this rule is made for an organization that normally has gross receipts in each taxable year of not more than $25,000. B. If a chapter does not fall within the gross receipts exception, it must file Form 990 or 990EZ within four and one-half months of the end of its fiscal or calendar year.

  15. Chapter IRS filing requirements Procedure 4015: IRS Group Exemption (continued) II. Reporting Requirements for Form 990-T A. General : If a chapter has receipts of $1,000 or more in unrelated business income, it must file Form 990-T within two and one-half months of the end of its fiscal or calendar year.

  16. ANNUAL AUDIT Annually chapter financial records and procedures should be audited for accuracy. Use the checklist that follows

  17. ANNUAL AUDIT The regional vice president or chapter officer should examine any items with a “no” answer to identify and resolve any discrepancies. The audit should be performed by an individual not connected with the chapter and with a knowledge of accounting principles.

  18. RECORDS TO BE AUDITED 1. Accounts payable ledger and corresponding invoices 2. Cash receipts journal and corresponding cash receipts backup 3. Bank statements for all chapter accounts and the corresponding bank reconciliations 4. Chapter’s monthly financial statements 5. Any accounting record for funds or assets controlled by the chapter

  19. CHAPTER AUDIT CERTIFICATION FORM January 2005 Chapter Name ___________________________________ Chapter Number _______ Chapter Chairperson ______________________________ Phone ________________ Chapter Treasurer ________________________________ Phone ________________ Date of Audit ____________________________________ Period Covered _________ Date of Last Audit ________________________________ Period Covered _________ Reason for Audit : ___ New Treasurer ___ Annual Audit ___ Other (Explain reason for audit):_________________________________________________ Audit Participants _____________________ _____________________________ (Name) (Position) _____________________ _____________________________ (Name) (Position) _____________________ _____________________________ (Name) (Position)

  20. CHAPTER AUDIT CHECKLIST January 2005 CHAPTER NAME _______________________________ CHAPTER NUMBER ___________ DATE OF AUDIT ________________________________ PERIOD COVERED ____________________ General YES NO [ ] [ ] 1. Were all financial records for the period provided and organized in a logical manner? [ ] [ ] 2. If the reason for the audit is a new treasurer, were the financial records transferred from the previous treasurer in an orderly manner? [ ] [ ] 3. Were the books reviewed for proper procedures? [ ] [ ] 4. Were reconciliations done to verify chapter records versus bank balances as of the end of the audit period? [ ] [ ] 5. Are all funds received, disbursed, or otherwise controlled by the chapter accounted for in a manner consistent with the ASIS International Policies and Procedures Manual and generally accepted accounting practices? [ ] [ ] 6. Are all funds received, disbursed, or otherwise held or controlled by the chapter maintained in appropriate accounts of deposit ie checking, saving, certificates of deposit? [ ] [ ] 7. Does the chapter use the Cash Basis Method for recording it’s financial activity? If not, indicate the method used and the reason for doing so. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

  21. CHAPTER AUDIT CHECKLIST January 2005 CHAPTER NAME _______________________________ CHAPTER NUMBER _______ DATE OF AUDIT __________________ PERIOD COVERED ____________________ General (continued) YES NO [ ] [ ] 8. Has the chapter refrained from frequently switching accounting systems? [ ] [ ] 9. Are financial statements, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, included with the chapter’s monthly report to the membership? [ ] [ ] 10. Is monthly financial data reported on the chapter activity reports and filed with headquarters on a timely basis? [ ] [ ] 11. If the chapter’s financial processes are controlled by one person, is there a procedure by which a reconciliation of the chapter’s accounts to the bank statements may be verified monthly by someone not directly responsible for the chapter’s finances? [ ] [ ] 12. Has the chapter obtained the required tax status for an ASIS International chapter and obtained a chapter tax identification number? [ ] [ ] 13. Has the chapter filed tax information and reports required by the IRS for the prior fiscal period, if applicable? Recommendations: ________________________________________________________________________

  22. CHAPTER AUDIT CHECKLIST January 2005 CHAPTER NAME _______________________________ CHAPTER NUMBER _______ DATE OF AUDIT __________________ PERIOD COVERED ____________________ Cash Receipts YES NO [ ] [ ] 1. Is all income to the chapter recorded in a cash receipts journal or checkbook with all necessary information such as source, purpose, date and amount? [ ] [ ] 2. If cash is received, are consecutively numbered receipts issued to payers and a corresponding record made of the payment in the cash receipts journal or checkbook? [ ] [ ] 3. Are checks received endorsed “for deposit only” immediately with the chapter’s bank account number? [ ] [ ] 4. Is all income deposited promptly upon receipt, within a few days? Cash Disbursements YES NO [ ] [ ] 1. Is a numbered voucher system used to control all funds disbursed through chapter accounts? [ ] [ ] 2. If a voucher system is not used, is there a cash disbursements ledger or checkbook that records the invoice details, the check number, date and amount for each disbursement? [ ] [ ] 3. Do checks disbursed through chapter accounts require at least two signatures? [ ] [ ] 4. Are the records controlling accounts payable complete?

  23. CHAPTER AUDIT CHECKLIST January 2005 CHAPTER NAME _______________________________ CHAPTER NUMBER _______ DATE OF AUDIT __________________ PERIOD COVERED ____________________ Cash Disbursements (continued) YES NO [ ] [ ] 5. Are voided checks retained and accounted for? [ ] [ ] 6. Are individuals who are authorized to approve disbursements clearly designated? [ ] [ ] 7. Is the supply of unused checks adequately safeguarded? [ ] [ ] 8. Are the duties of writing checks and reconciling the bank statements separated? [ ] [ ] 9. Are all disbursements approved by an authorized individual? [ ] [ ] 10. Are all invoices recorded in a voucher register? [ ] [ ] 11. Are all unpaid invoices kept in a separate file and scheduled for payment? [ ] [ ] 12. Are statements from vendors compared with open invoices? [ ] [ ] 13. Does the chapter take advantage of discounts in paying invoices? [ ] [ ] 14. Are all original invoices marked “paid” or immediately filed to avoid duplicate payments? [ ] [ ] 15. Are the invoices approved for payment by the appropriate individual who has verified receipt of goods or services? Recommendations: ________________________________________________________________________