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ODOT Manager Training PowerPoint Presentation
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ODOT Manager Training

ODOT Manager Training

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ODOT Manager Training

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  1. ODOT Manager Training

  2. Accessing Kronos • The Kronos application utilizes single sign-on. • You will see a short-cut to Kronos on your desktop.

  3. Expectations • Dual Entry • Sign in and out on paper sheets • Fill out AU-15 • Turn into Manager • Manager turn into timekeeper • Timekeepers enter into OnTime • RFL – Put time off requests in RFL & Kronos • Enter time into Kronos via your assigned method

  4. Capabilities in Kronos • Enter sign in and sign out time daily • Several different methods • Replacing Sign In / Sign Out Sheets; OnTime • Time off Requests • Replacing RFL • Approve Time Cards • Replacing AU-15; OnTime • Check Accrual Balances • Replacing RFL

  5. Expectations as an Employee • Sign in and out of Kronos daily • Enter time off requests • Approve time card at the end of the pay period • By 10 am on the Monday after payday

  6. Signing In and Out • 4 Methods to Signing In and Out • Web Application Via a PC • Most everyone in Pilot will be in this group • InTouch Device • Teletime • Mobile Application

  7. Signing In and Out • Web Application • Done via a computer connected to the ODOT network • The most common way for office employees or employees with an ODOT PC to sign in and out • Kronos has single sign on and there will not be a log in page

  8. Employee and Manager Roles • Today we will show how you will interact with the system as an employee first. However please note managers have a different home page from employees.

  9. Manager Home Page

  10. Manager Home Page As a manager, to access your time card click on Workspaces

  11. Manager Home Page Workspace Carousel. Click on My Information

  12. My Information

  13. My Information Time Card

  14. My Information Totals

  15. My Information Timestamp

  16. My Information Accrual Balances

  17. My Information Related Items as an employee

  18. Signing In / Out Click Record Timestamp

  19. Signing In / Out Confirmation of time stamp recorded Click Refresh for the time stamp to appear on time card

  20. Signing In / Out

  21. Signing In / Out Enter Time Manually

  22. Signing In / Out Once you click out of the box where you typed in the time, the save button enables. Since the time was manually entered, you must click save for the timecard to be populated

  23. Signing In / Out • If you manually type in your time, the system will time stamp the entry. Entered an in punch of 7:00AM for 5/2/12 Date / Time and User who entered the in punch

  24. Signing In / Out - Lunch • Everyone is defaulted to a 30 minute lunch deduction. If you take a 60 minute lunch let payroll know so they can move you to the appropriate lunch group. • If you take longer than your standard lunch, sign in and out to override your lunch. • You can cancel your lunch deduction and it will be sent to your manager for approval.

  25. Cancelled Lunch • Kronos is programmed to automatically deduct lunch after 4 hours of work. • Employees working more than 4 hours who do not take a lunch will need to cancel the lunch deduction. A notification will be sent to the manager so they know the employee cancelled their lunch.

  26. Cancelled Lunch

  27. Cancelled Lunch

  28. Cancelled Lunch

  29. Cancelled Lunch Click Save

  30. Signing In / Out

  31. Rounding • The system is set to round each individual punch to the nearest 10th of an hour • 0 stays at 0 • 1, 2, or 3 rounds back • 4 or 5 rounds forward • 6 stays at 6

  32. Rounding • Example: • In at 6:58 AM, will round to 7:00 AM • Out at 3:29 PM, will round to 3:30 PM • Total of 8 hours • In at 7:05 AM, will round to 7:06 AM • Out at 3:33 PM, will round to 3:30 PM • Total of 7:54 hours • Kronos will still show your actual in and out times but will calculate total hours based on rounding

  33. Rounding In Action In At 6:58

  34. Rounding In Action Out at 3:29 PM

  35. Rounding In Action Total of 8:00 Hours

  36. Rounding In Action In At 7:05 AM

  37. Rounding In Action Out At 3:33 PM

  38. Rounding In Action Total of 7:54 or 7.9 hours for the day

  39. Rounding

  40. Schedules • If assigned a schedule within Kronos: • Signing in 31 minutes or more early will show as an exception to your manager • All time prior to scheduled time will go into an unapproved bucket which will not be paid until your manager approves the time • Signing out 31 minutes or more later will show as an exception to your manager

  41. Who Will Be on Schedules? • Anyone who uses an InTouch device will be on a schedule. • Each District or Division will determine whether other employees will be on a schedule.

  42. Schedules?

  43. Employee Overtime • Before an employee can be compensated for Overtime, the Overtime must be approved by the manager. • Approved overtime will default to paid • Employees can move the Overtime to Comp Time when they approve their timesheet.

  44. Employee Overtime Employee has time in excess of 40 hours.

  45. Employee Overtime Overtime has been approved by manager.

  46. Overtime

  47. Approving Timecard • Each employee must approve their timecard by 10:00 AM on the Monday after payday. • Move overtime to comp time • Once you approve your timecard you cannot make changes without having your manager remove the approval. • After the employee approves their timecard, it will go to the Manager for final approval before being sent to Central Office Payroll.

  48. Approving Employee Timecard Review Daily In and Out

  49. Approving Timecard Review Totals

  50. Approving Timecard Click More