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How To Write A Poem PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Write A Poem

How To Write A Poem

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How To Write A Poem

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  1. How To Write A Poem According to Juliet Deleon

  2. Step One; Chose a Topic Hmmm… How about writing about clouds? Or maybe flowers?... No. I’ll write about clouds instead! Yes! I’ll write about clouds! Perfect

  3. Step Two; Chose What Type of Poem It’ll be Here are some type of poems: • Haiku • Sonnet • Dramatic • Ballad • Lyric • Limerick Or just the standard poem.

  4. Step 2_1/2; (Optional) Choose a Rhyme Scheme A rhyme scheme is the rhyme pattern. So you just choose which lines you want to make rhyme. Of course, you don’t need to make your poem rhyme if you don’t want to, not all poems need to rhyme. Some rhyme schemes are; A A B B, A B C B, A B B C and etc.

  5. Step Three; Make it Chose your topic and put it into words. You can write what you want to say about it and then later, put in into poem form. For Example; ‘Clouds are so cool and fluffy. They’re weird too, being so unshaped and high. I love clouds’ I love clouds. They are really cool. They’re weird and unshaped, And they’re big and fluffy too!

  6. Last step.Share It. Now that you are done with your amazing poem about whatever, share it with everyone. And these are a few ways how. • Post it on your media sites. You’ll look real cool. • Show it to your mom! She’d be so proud. • Send it to a neighbor. They might not even know you, but they’ll appreciate the poem. • Give it to a teacher. They don’t even have to be your teacher, but they’ll take the poem either way!

  7. The End I hope you enjoy your poem! Don’t forget to share and continue writing more poems. Thank you for your time, and goodbye you lovely poet you! -Juliet Deleon