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Welcome to MAA Danteshwari Herbal Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to MAA Danteshwari Herbal Group

Welcome to MAA Danteshwari Herbal Group

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Welcome to MAA Danteshwari Herbal Group

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  1. 17th years Welcome to MAA Danteshwari Herbal Group India’s 1stCeritfied Organic Farms

  2. About Us… Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group of Bastar Chhattisgarh, was established in the year 1995 by Founder & CEO Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, and later formed Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farms in same year and Maa Danteshwari Herbal Products Ltd in the year 1999 (Certificate of Incorporation No. 10-13857 of 1999), with growth of 16% annually having turnover of INR 500 Million, approximately. Organization is India’s 1stgrower & producer of Certified Organic raw and finished products, engaged in Farming, Manufacturing & Marketing of Certified Organic Herbal, Medicinal, Aromatic Plants, Species, Essential Oils & Cereals in raw and processed form, and provides world best approved varieties of plants and alsoprovide A-Z training (farming to post harvesting). We have been awarded for “Best Exporter” award winner group in the year 2007. We are a group of eminent expert with eight scientists, four research head, forty efficient management & marketing professionals, three hundred workers and our dedicated & experienced farm managers, field supervisors with 400 tribal families are engaged. All are backed by our advisory board of eminent personalities from various sectors and society.

  3. Division of Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group • Herbal Plantation & Eco Consultancy. • Production Department • Pharma Department (manufacturing of capsules, Tablets, Syrups, Ointments & Powders) • Extraction unit (Raw Herbs) in Rajnagar, Jagdalpur • Processing unit in DIC, Kondagaon • Research & Development Laboratory (QA / QC) in Chikhalputi, Kondagaon • Marketing Department for harvested & finished products. • Trading Department for raw herbs, harvested from our certified organic farms. • CSR projects in collaboration with SAMPDA (Samagra Adivasi Medicinal Plants Development Association). ( • Associated member of CHAMF (Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation) for marketing and procurement support from 22000 Organic farmers in 17 states all over India. (

  4. Our Eco-Consultancy Services (ECS for CSR) • Hi value Herbal & Medicinal Plantation. • Bio fencing through hi value MAP’s. • Hi value Timber Plantation. • Set-up an MAP’s extraction unit. • Processing & Extraction facility.

  5. Our Eco-Consultancy Services (ECS for CSR) • Proper guidance on specific govt. scheme of Govt. of India. • Carbon Trading. • Guidance on Organic certification • Advance marketing tie-up for end products. • Training on Cultivation & Processing.

  6. Our Eco-Consultancy Services (ECS for CSR) • Supply of Certified organic planting Material. • Manufacturing of herbal nutritional food supplements. • Marketing of certified organic raw herbs. • Export of Certified organic products.

  7. Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farms Having 14 herbal organic farms in approx 1200 acre and approx 11,000 associated organic herbal farmers having approx 20,400 acre land. Our farms are India’s first certified organic herbal farms, under organic certification from Bureau Veritas equipped with modern tools & technology. We have 14 years of experiences in the field of organic herbal farming. We have expertise research and 204 case studies. We have well set up tissue culture lab (for micro propagation of some medicinal plants like Stevia, Turmeric, Bacopa and Banana etc.) at our Chikhalputi farm Kondagaon Bastar CG. Under the establishment of MDHF, one of the most richly endowed Herbal Species Gardens in the Country, where Seventy Rare & Endangered Species are regularly monitored and developed by its experts.

  8. MDHP Limited MDHP Limited was established in the year 1999 in DNK Kondagaon C.G. (Certificate of Incorporation No. 10-13857 of 1999), having well set up Herbal Extraction unit, Processing unit, Administration office and R&D Laboratory as per “GMP & ISO 22000-2005 HACCP” norms. Herbal Extraction unit in approx 5,000 mt. sq. with hi-tech tools and technology for extraction of raw herbs. Processing unit in approx 7000 mt. sq. for processing of capsules, tablets, syrups, oilments and tubes as consumer products . Administration office and R&D Laboratory in approx 2000 mt. sq. for QA / QC of raw and finished product and for the research activity on new product line.

  9. Our Certifications • An ISO 22000-2005 (HACCP) Certified Company. • Certified organic System by Bureau Veritas , GMP. • Certified on JAS , EU and NPOP India Standards. • Having Certified R& D and Tissue culture Lab ,Mfg and marketing.

  10. An ISO22000-2005 HACCP Certification

  11. Import & Export Certificate 2003

  12. The IFOAM Membership IFOAM is The World’s Apex Body for organic Farming Dr. Tripathi with country representative of IFOAM at Bio-fack JAPAN

  13. The Organic Certification from Bureau Veritas Certified by BUREAU VERITAS NPOP/NAB/001

  14. Registered with SMPB C.G.

  15. GMP Certificate

  16. Food & Drug License for Sale/ Production/Collection & Distribution

  17. Offer Total Solution In • Organic Herbals, Medicinal Aromatic & Spices plants. • Organic Herbal Nutritional Food Supplement. • Organic Herbal Drugs.

  18. Certified Organic Cultivation • At present we are cultivating medicinal herbs, aromatic plants and spice in more than 600 acres of land and our associated farmer in more than 2000 acres of land. • Medicinal herbs • Safed Musli, Stevia, Kalmegh, Asawagandha, Coleus, Shatawar, Gurmar, Annato, Sarapagandha, Kaunch, Kalmegh & many more. • Aromatic plants • Citronila, Lemon Grass, Pamarosa, Jamarosa, Buch, Patchouli, Tulsi, Geranium & many more. • Spices • Zinger, Kali Mirch, Haldi, Black turmeric and many more. Australian Teak Annato

  19. Established in: 1996.Cultivation Area : 416 acres owned 208 acres on leasehold land Chikkalputti, Kondagaon Bastar Ghoragaon, Kondagaon, Bastar Girola, Kondagaon, Bastar CG Mosora, Kondagaon, Bastar CG Kanera, Kondagaon, Bastar CG Rajnagar, Jagdalpur, Bastar CG Chapka 1, Jagdalpur, Bastar CG Chapka 2, Jagdalpur, Bastar CG Parpa, Jagdalpur, Bastar CG Kaknar, Jagdalpur, Bastar CG Jaitgiri, Po Girola, Jagdalpur, Bastar Muchgaon, Damanbod, Simga, Raipur CG Parihar Farm, Amleshwar, Durg Two year old Annato plantation with Safed Musli intercropping

  20. Our Certified Organic Products Aloe vera (Gel) Herbal Honey Herbal Extract Essential Oil Stevia Extract , Stevia Powder & Leaf Curry Leaf & Powder Moring Seeds & Leaf AmbaHaldi (Curcuma Ambada) (Dry Rhizome) Annatto (Bixaorellina) (Dry Seeds) Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera) (Dry leaves and powder) Awla (Emblicaofficinalis) (Dry fruits and powder) Bibhitki (Terminaliabelerica) (Dry fruits and powder) Black turmeric (Curcuma spp) (Dry Rhizome) Yellow Turmeric (Curcuma olingo) (Dry Rhizome) Brahmi (Centellaasiatica) (Dry leaves and powder) Citronala (Oil) Chilli (Capsicum spp.) (Dry fruits) Coleus Forshikali Eucalyptus citrodora (Oil and powder) Ginger (Zingerofficinalisspp) (Dry Rhizome) Guduchi (Cocculuscordifolius) (Powder) Contd……

  21. 22. Gurmar (Gymnemma sylvestra) (Powder) 23. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) (Dry fruits) 24. Jamarosa (Oil) 25. Kalihari (Gloriossa superba) (Dry roots and seeds) 26. Kalmegh (Andrographis penniculata) (Dry plant) 27. Kalmegh (Andrographis penniculata) (Dry seeds) 28. Keokand (Costus speciosus) (Dry roots) 29. Keonch (Dry roots) 30. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) (Leaves and oil) 31. Malkangini (Dry seeds and oil) 32. Muskdana (Abelemosches maschotes) (Dry roots, seeds and oil) 33. Maize (Zea mays) (seeds) 34. Pushkarmool (Inula recemosa) (Dry roots) 35. Pamarosa (Oil) 36. Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivillianum) (Dry roots) 37. Serpgandha (Raulfia serpantina) (Dry roots) 38. Shankpushpi (Canscora decussata) (Dry plants) 39. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) (Dry roots) 40. Stevia (Dry Leaves) 41. Stevia (Powder) 42. Tulsi (Oscimum senctum) (Dry leaves) 43. Vetch (Acorus calamus) (Dry rhizome) (oil

  22. Why Organic? It is true that human being are totally depended on chemical and using enormous quantity of chemical for curing disease, and using these in day to day life, from “eat till bath”. Are chemicals the only option for curing disease to be healthy? Or it invites diseases like early hair whitening, loss of hair, muscles weakness, infertility, diabetes, arthritis etc. Use of chemical fertilizers, hybrid seeds and pesticides affect the quality of medicine. The ingredients of many medicines are from suspicious, raw, unripe and waste forest products which cause ineffective action towards disease. In ancient time human beings were happy, healthy and disease free as they were close to nature, during those days neither such chemical nor disease were like as today.

  23. Considering this, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi researched on the THP (Tribal Healing Practice, which are practices by Tribal of Bastar for the treatment of many disease) to focus the unique medicinal properties of herbs for treatment of disease and make the human being healthy and disease free. From last 16 years we are doing organic farming of natural medical herbs on more than 1100 acre under the guidance of national and international experts for the conversation of unique medical property of herbs. These herbs are free from chemical & pesticides and are harmless for human being. The quality of herbs are tested and approved by recognized national and international laboratories. We export raw herbs in abroad, and therefore you are advised to use chemical free products manufactured by MDHP and come closer towards nature along immortality…………..

  24. Our “Certified Organic” Neutracuiticals Products for USA / European Market

  25. Power-On • Description:Power-On is a 100% Natural Herbal Nutritional Food Supplement • made up of Certified Organic Herbal extracts. • Composition: Each400mg capsules contains: • 1. Chlorophytumborivlianum (SafedMusli) [125 mg] • 2. Curculingorchioidesgaetn (Krishna Musli) [75 mg] • 3. Withaniasomnifera (Ashwagandha) [100 mg]. • 4. Tribulusterrestris (Gokhru) [100 mg] • Product Benefit : It acts as Revitalizer • Remove stress • Improve man power & Increases Sperm count • Increases Testosterone, Stamina & • Develop Muscles. • Dosage: 2 Capsules per day or as per physicians advice. • Packaging: Blister pack of 15 capsules, bottle of 30 & 60 Capsules.