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Energy Conservation and Peak Demand PowerPoint Presentation
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Energy Conservation and Peak Demand

Energy Conservation and Peak Demand

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Energy Conservation and Peak Demand

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  1. Energy Conservation and Peak Demand

  2. Electricity is Everywhere! We see it produce lightening in summer thunder storms. We see it light our cities, heat or cool our homes and cook our meals. We get an electrical shock as we step out of the car on a cold, dry day.

  3. How important is electricity? Electricity is extremely important! Without it we wouldn’t be able to do simple things like turn the lights on or bake a cake. This means it’s extremely important to save electricity, not only for the environment but it helps save your mum and dad money too!

  4. But did you know? It is especially important to save electricity between the times of 4-8pm.

  5. Why? It’s simple! Between 4-8pm is the time everyone is coming home from school and work!

  6. Kids like you hop on the computer to do homework. Parents use the oven to cook dinner. We turn on the washing machine to clean our school clothes and switch on the dishwasher to clean up our dirty dishes.

  7. Can you imagine how much electricity is being used at the same time in your street, or even in your suburb or even the whole city?

  8. To keep the power going in a large city puts massive pressure on the electricity network especially between 4-8pm, so it’s our job to start reducing our power consumption. But how?

  9. Power Saving Tips • Computer:Turn your computer off after you have finished using it. You waste energy if you leave it running all day long. • 2. Air conditioner:Set aircon temp to 24 degrees/ keep windows and doors closed to prevent loss of heat or cool air

  10. Power Saving Tips 3. Dryer: Help your mum or dad hang out clothes on the line instead of using the clothes dryer. Sunlight is free and you don’t waste energy 4. Hot water: Brushing your teeth or washing your hands does not require hot water. Substitute hot water with cold water to help save energy

  11. Power Saving Tips 5. Lights:Turn off your bedroom light and lights around the home when you don’t need them 6. Fridge: Keep the fridge door closed, energy is wasted if cool air leaks out

  12. Whatever you do, it’s time to get your family and friends involved in reducing power consumption in your community today!