what was the goal of the progressive era n.
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What was the goal of the Progressive era? PowerPoint Presentation
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What was the goal of the Progressive era?

What was the goal of the Progressive era?

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What was the goal of the Progressive era?

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  1. What was the goal of the Progressive era?

  2. To fix the problems caused by industrialization(to make things better in America)

  3. What were some things that needed to be fixed (reformed) in America?

  4. child laborlong working hourslow wagesdiscriminationpoor living conditionsunsafe working conditions in factoriesunclean food conditions

  5. What is a reform?

  6. A change

  7. What is suffrage?

  8. The right to vote

  9. How did women win the right to vote?

  10. Marchesspeecheshunger strikes

  11. What famous women worked for the Suffrage Movement?

  12. Susan B. AnthonyElizabeth Cady Stanton

  13. What did the 19th amendment do?

  14. Gave women the right to vote

  15. What was the goal of the Temperance Movement?

  16. To make alcohol illegal

  17. Why did many women believe Temperance was important?

  18. Drinking caused too many problems

  19. Who was Cary Nation?

  20. Woman who used an ax to destroy bars

  21. What was prohibition?

  22. When it was illegal to make and sell alcohol

  23. What was the 18th amendment?

  24. Made selling and making alcohol illegal

  25. Why didn’t prohibition work?

  26. Too difficult to control

  27. What did the 21st amendment do?

  28. repealed prohibition (alcohol no longer illegal)

  29. What was a muckraker?

  30. a person who shows or tells others about the bad things that are happening in the cities

  31. What types of jobs may a muckraker have?

  32. photographercartoonistauthorjournalist

  33. Who wrote the book, The Jungle?

  34. Upton Sinclair

  35. What problem of industrialization does The Jungle tell people about?

  36. unclean and unsafe conditions in the meatpacking industry (in the meat factories)

  37. What were the outcomes of The Jungle?(When people read The Jungle, what happened?

  38. The Pure Food & Drug Actand theMeat Inspection Actwere passed and made meat, other foods and medicines more safe

  39. What problem did Jacob Riis’s book, How the Other Half Lives, tell readers?

  40. told people about the terrible living conditions of the tenements

  41. Who was Boss Tweed?

  42. A political boss who stole $10 million of NYC’s tax money

  43. What happened to Boss Tweed?

  44. Thomas Nast drew a cartoon of Boss Tweed getting fat off of tax payers’ money…police arrested Boss Tweed

  45. What was the 17th amendment?

  46. Direct election of senators (you couldn’t just be given the job because you had a lot of money or you were friends with someone)

  47. What was the Civil Service Commission?

  48. made it so you had to pass a test to get hired for a federal job (postman, etc.)