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Brief Overview: The NRP and its Worker Safety and Health Support Annex PowerPoint Presentation
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Brief Overview: The NRP and its Worker Safety and Health Support Annex

Brief Overview: The NRP and its Worker Safety and Health Support Annex

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Brief Overview: The NRP and its Worker Safety and Health Support Annex

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  1. Brief Overview: The NRP and its Worker Safety and Health Support Annex Nicholas DeJesse – Emergency Response & Preparedness Coordinator OSHA – Region III

  2. OBJECTIVES • Provide Brief Annex Background • Provide Annex Overview • Answer Your Questions

  3. Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-5) Calls for the creation of the “one” plan • Single comprehensive national approach • Prevention, preparedness, response and recovery • Integrate law enforcement (Crisis) and response/recovery agencies (Consequence) • “All Hazards” approach • Designates the Secretary of DHS as the Principal Federal Official for domestic incident management

  4. HSPD-5 Implementation National Response Plan (NRP) • Overarching, all-disciplines, all-hazards plan supersedes the FRP, FRERP and the CONPLAN for Incidents of National Significance • Incorporates the National Contingency Plan (NCP) as an Annex • Officially published January 6, 2005 • National Incident Management System (NIMS) • Standardizes the response structure, principles and terminology for incident command and multi-agency coordination • In effect since March 1, 2004

  5. Incidents of National Significance • A Federal Dept. or Agency acting under its own authority has requested assistance of the Secretary of Homeland Security • Resources of State and Local authorities are overwhelmed and Federal assistance has been requested - Major Disasters defined under the Stafford Act and Catastrophes. • More than one Federal Dept. or Agency has become substantially involved in responding to an incident - Credible Threats of or acts of Terrorism - High profile, large scale events e.g. G-8 Summit, Olympics, Political Conventions • The Secretary of Homeland Security has been directed to assume responsibility for managing a domestic incident

  6. NRP/NIMS Relationship National Incident Management System (NIMS) Standardized Structure and procedures for incident management (ICS) Resources, knowledge, and abilities from independent Federal Depts. & Agencies Incident HHS OSHA DHS integrates and applies Federal resources Local Support or Response FEDERAL SUPPORT EPA DHS State Support or Response Federal Support or Response National Response Plan (NRP) Activation and Coordination of integrated Federal resources within the ICS

  7. National Incident Management System (NIMS) • Creates the national standard for incident management • Based on the National Interagency Incident Management System (NIIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) • IAP based, span of control, unity of command, modular organization, expandable • Calls for interoperability of response structure, equipment, communications, qualifications and certifications • All levels of government expected to comply • Starting this year, NIMS compliance will be tied to Federal grants for emergency response

  8. NRP Annexes BASE PLAN JFO, PFO, IIMG, HSOC ESF #15 External Affairs ESF #5 – Emergency Management ESF #10 –Oil & Hazardous Materials ESF #4 - Firefighting ESF # 9 – Urban Search and Rescue ESF #14 – Long Term Community Recovery and Mitigation, ESF #3 – Public Works and Engineering ESF #8 – Public Health & Medical Services ESF #13 –Public Safety and Security ESF #2 – Communications ESF #7 –Resource Support ESF #12 - Energy ESF #1 - Transportation ESF #6 – Mass Care, Housing and Human Services ESF #11 –Agriculture and Natural Resources Emergency Support Function Annexes Logistics Cyber Response Terrorism Incident-Law Enforcement Response Science and Technology Biological Response Private Sector Coordination Volunteer & Donations Coordination Nuclear/Radiological Response Financial Management International Coordination Oil & Hazardous Materials Response NRP Changes and Updates Worker Safety and Health Public Affairs Catastrophic Incident Response Acronyms and Abbreviations Tribal Relations Support Annexes Incident Annexes Terms and Definitions Appendices

  9. Worker Safety and Health Support Annex Purpose The Worker Safety and Health Support Annex provides guidelines for implementing worker safety and health support functions during Incidents of National Significance. This support annex describes the actions needed to ensure that threats to responders’ safety and health are anticipated, recognized, evaluated, and controlled consistently so that responders are properly protected during incident management operations.

  10. Responder and recovery workers are often focused on public safety and health Saving lives, protecting property, and restoring the site are always prime considerations in any response, but response and recovery workers may not be focused on their own safety and health For workers to be able to perform these duties effectively and to ensure an efficient response and recovery, worker safety and health must also be front and center The Worker Safety and Health Annex Why is it Necessary?

  11. Large scale and/or complex incidents will necessitate the integration of safety and health resources from many Federal Agencies. The Annex provides a framework to ensure the coordination and consistent decision making for worker safety and health issues needed by the IC/UC is provided. The Worker Safety and Health AnnexWhy is it Necessary?

  12. There are large or multiple sites There are complex incidents with many responders and many safety and health assets Incident Command may be overwhelmed by a wide range and large number of hazards Incidents may present unique hazards, e.g. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Coordination of Responder and Recovery Worker safety and health is needed where…..

  13. The Worker Safety and Health Annex –Why is it Necessary?

  14. The Worker Safety and Health Annex –Why is it Necessary?

  15. An employee of a company hired by the city for tree removal during the recovery from Hurricane Jeanne in FL.

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