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Kid’s Inventions PowerPoint Presentation
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Kid’s Inventions

Kid’s Inventions

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Kid’s Inventions

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  1. Kid’s Inventions See the following slides to learn more about kid inventors

  2. Chester Greenwood *from Farmington, Maine *invented earmuffs in 1873, Chester was 15 years old *he applied for a patent with the U.S. government Learn more about Chester Greenwood and earmuffs:

  3. Josh Parsons ~invented the Prosthetic Catch and Throw Device ~wanted to help kids play baseball even when they didn’t have an arm to catch or throw with ~received prizes and national attention in newspapers and TV shows Learn more about prosthetic devices:

  4. Reeba Daniel *she invented the all in one washer and dryer *she wanted to make doing laundry easier for people *Reeba concentrated on how to get the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer Learn more about washers and dryers:

  5. Larry Villella ~Invented the conserve sprinkler ~He wanted to save time and water when watering trees, shrubs, and the lawn ~Won his school’s invention contest ~Began making the sprinklers by hand to sell then moved production to a factory Learn more about sprinklers:

  6. Stop and Think… What was one other invention Chester Greenwood had? Describe what else he invented and why. (other than earmuffs) How is Josh Parsons Prosthetic Catch and Throw Device similar to other prosthetic devices? How is it different? How have prosthetic devices changed over time? Explain what it was like to wash laundry 100 years ago. What is better about doing laundry today? Tell me 2 things you learned about sprinkler systems.