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What does it take???

What does it take???. Balancing “What if” with doing the right thing Carleen Lyden-Kluss -NAMEPA. What does it take to effect change? Burnings?. Guerilla tactics?. Riots?. Environmental Disasters?. What price?. What cost?. What do we know?.

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What does it take???

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  1. What does it take??? Balancing “What if” with doing the right thing Carleen Lyden-Kluss -NAMEPA

  2. What does it take to effect change?Burnings?

  3. Guerilla tactics?

  4. Riots?

  5. Environmental Disasters?

  6. What price?

  7. What cost?

  8. What do we know? • There are over 8500 sunken wrecks in marine waters around he world • These wrecks may contain as much as 20 million tons of oil and other hazmats • These wrecks are deteriorating, and some are seeping these dangerous cargoes • “Oil is oil” • Proactive, preventive measures are most cost effective

  9. Global Political Climate Changing • The environment, especially being “green”, has center stage in the 21st Century--public interest has veered to preserving the planet, particularly since the Deepwater Horizon

  10. ULTIMATELY, WE SERVE THE PUBLIC • And the public is going green

  11. But… It all costs…

  12. What are we willing to do?

  13. Need to identify a balance between protecting the environment and risk

  14. Good Stewardship

  15. Or…

  16. Case Study: NAMEPA • Responding to The Environmental Imperative • Demonstrating maritime’s commitment to protecting the marine environment • Reaching out to seafarers, port communities and students • Networking through aquariums and through schools to reach students • Promoting the maritime industry

  17. NAMEPA • Industry led initiative with over 100 shipping companies/academies, universities, harbor schools/individuals members • Activities (NMD, WMD, environmental crimes, marine debris, response simulations, seminars, wreck waste removal programs international coastal cleanup, MARPOL/marine science program) • Outreach to recreational boaters and students

  18. Today’s maritime environment—where being Green is good business.

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