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Customer Retention Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Retention Program

Customer Retention Program

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Customer Retention Program

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  1. Customer Retention Program

  2.  Lifetime customer communication and contact with each of your customers Lifetime tracking and monitoring of your customers’ driving and servicing habits Lifetime Service Reminders for every scheduled service Automatically sends “Thank You” e-mails after vehicle purchase and after every dealership visit Tracks customer satisfaction after each service visit with our dealer customized survey Infinite e-mail promotions and blasts to every customer or select target groups of your choice

  3. The service report allows you to view detailed information on each service claim, including any “Customer Pay” generated at that time of service by customer, brand, or service writer. This allows you to monitor the customer’s driving habits, as well as monitor your service writers’ ability to upsell.

  4. Allows you to view detailed information for each customer that purchased a Value Care policy • Allows you to track your e-mail capture rate

  5. Allows you to view: • Net Reserve • Potential Claimed • Total Claimed • Earned Reserve • Unearned Reserve • Loss Ratio

  6. Allows you to view the Detailed or Summary of “Money Due” to your Service Department - no R.O.’s, no additional paperwork, no effort. All of your accounting is done with the simple click of a mouse!

  7. Service Retention Reports monitor service retention by customer, brand and time.

  8. The override report documents every nonqualifiedinterval that was claimed and who gave it away.

  9. View any or all customers that financed a vehicle that the Value Care policy was purchased for in the lienholder report.

  10. The e-mail report tracks a detailed number of “Service Notification” e-mails and e-mail blasts that are sent out to your customers. It also tracks those who choose to “opt out” of receiving e-mails.

  11. Features Each customer e-mail is personalized for the selling dealer 3 Service Reminders between service intervals Automated e-mail alerts for any non-satisfied customers Mass e-mail campaigns customized and targeted by the dealership

  12. The Value Care Retention Cycle . . . For Life!