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Preparing for an NCLB Monitoring Visit PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing for an NCLB Monitoring Visit

Preparing for an NCLB Monitoring Visit

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Preparing for an NCLB Monitoring Visit

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  1. Preparing for an NCLB Monitoring Visit NCLB Regional Meetings Roundtable Discussion April 2007

  2. Visit each district every five years • NCLB Goals • Program compliance • Interview NCLB Coordinator, Title Contacts, Title IA teachers/ed techs/classroom teachers/parents • Learn more about how each district is implementing the program

  3. NCLB Monitoring • 2007-08 will begin a new cycle • Monitoring information located at • Information will be updated but requirements will not change until new authorization

  4. Criteria for Selection for 2007-2008 • Low % of Highly Qualified Teachers • History of late submissions • Citations under IASA and NCLB • At least a year since last visit • Date of last review

  5. How will you know when it is your turn? • SAUs to be visited during the 2007-2008 year are in your Cross-Cutting Handout • Other years will be posted on the NCLB web page by summer • Anxious--You can request a review at any time

  6. What comes first? • A confirmation form will be mailed in May to those scheduled in 2007-2008 • This includes the proposed date and name of the review coordinator • Return the form indicating that this is a good date or we will work with you to determine a better time

  7. The NCLB Review Coordinator • About two months prior to the agreed upon date, the review coordinator will call the Superintendent • A district contact person will be determined • All communication will be sent to that person

  8. The NCLB Review Coordinator Will send the following documents to the contact: • NCLB Visit Preparation Guide • Pre-Review Report • Chart outlining each Title’s monitoring needs and team member assigned to each title • Matrix for developing the day’s agenda • Monitoring interview guide • NLCBA Goals

  9. The SAU Contact Will • Complete the Pre-Review Report • Determine a schedule for the team based on the chart outlining each Title’s monitoring needs and team member assigned to each title • Prepare responses to the monitoring interview guide—formal or informal • Provide a meeting space the NCLB Team can use throughout the day • Mail items #1 and #2 above to the NCLB review coordinator by the required date. Provide driving directions for the team to the morning meeting location

  10. What the day looks like • Introductions/logistics • District presentation or interview to address the NCLB Monitoring Interview Guide • Meet with SAU staff to review evidence supporting the answers in the Pre-Review Report • Title IA School Visits • Meet with Title IA Parents • Visit Non-Public Schools (if applicable)

  11. What will we ask Title IA staff about? • Identification of students • Schedule with students • Coordination with classroom teachers • Contact/interaction with parents

  12. What will we ask Title I staff to have available? • A student folder • Schedule • List of students served • Examples of progress reports • Documents/lesson plans to support coordination with the classroom teacher • Parent notification • Parent contact information

  13. An oral report will be given on the day of the review A letter will be sent within 2 to 3 weeks. If items require action, the State team will be available to assist you

  14. What happens next? Then the NCLB Review Coordinator will: • send a follow up letter • follow up on citations if any are found • Schedule a follow up visit if needed

  15. Findings Often Include • Need for Updated Parent Involvement Policies—District/School • Need for Parent Compacts • Need for Parent Evaluation of Programs/Training • Late submission of Application/Performance Report and other required paperwork • Need for Periodic Certifications and Personnel Activity Reports • Need for HQT Letters • Need for updated Lau Plan • Undocumented Contracted Services • NCLB Report Cards

  16. Resources to Assist You • • Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) 207-623-2411 or 800-870-7746 • • NCLB Team—give us a call. Our contact information is on your bookmark.