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The ballad

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The ballad

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  1. The ballad Chaucer reciting Troylus and Criseyde. Early 15th-century manuscript at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

  2. 1. Stylistic features “Folk” or “popular” tradition. The ballad • Shortnarrativesong. • Preserved and transmittedorally. • Impersonal; narrator/singer rarely interferes. • The “I” is one that represents apartyor acommunity. Only Connect ... New Directions

  3. It focuses on asingle crucial episode or situation. The ballad 2. Content There were three gypsies tae oor hall door, An’O but they sang bonnie O They sang so sweet and too complete Thatthey stole the heart of our lady, O! (from Gypsy Laddies) Only Connect ... New Directions

  4. There was a king and a noble king A king of muckle(1) fame (1. great) And he had an only daughter dear, Lady Diamond was her name. He had a servant, a kitchen boy, A lad of muckle scorn And she loved him long and she loved him aye Till thegrass overgrew the corn. (from Lady Diamond) The ballad 3. Setting There islittle description of setting Only Connect ... New Directions

  5. 9 “O sister, sister let me live, And all that’s mine I’ll surely give” 10 “It’s your own true love that I’ll have and more But thou shalt never come ashore”. (from Cruel Sister) The ballad 4. Narrative features Dialogueis often used. Only Connect ... New Directions

  6. FairLady Isabelsits in her bower sewing Aye as the gowans(1)grow gay(1. Daisies) There she heard anelf-knightblowing his horn The first morning in May. (from Lady Isabel and the Elf-knight) The ballad 5. Characters Bothfantastic creatures andhuman beings. Only Connect ... New Directions

  7. 1 There lived a lady in the north sea shore Lay the bent (1)to the bonnie broom (2)(1. giunco) (2. ginestra) Two daughters were the babes she bore Fa la la la la la la la la la 2 As one grew bright as in the sun Lay the bent to the bonnie broom So coal black grew the elder one Fa la la la la la la la la la (from Cruel Sister) The ballad 6. Language The language isplainandformulaic. Only Connect ... New Directions

  8. Ah my Geordiewill be hanged in a golden chain ‘Tis not the chain of many, Stole sixteen of the King’s royal deer And he sold them in Bohenny (from Geordie) The ballad 7. Theme Ballads deal withdramatic events. Only Connect ... New Directions