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Hitler’s Family Tree. PowerPoint Presentation
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Hitler’s Family Tree.

Hitler’s Family Tree.

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Hitler’s Family Tree.

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  1. Hitler’s Family Tree. Probably a poor miller called Johann Georg Hiedler. Maria Anna Schicklgruber Unknown + Or Jewish Frankenberger. 1837: Alois Schicklgruber When Alois is 5 his mother marries J G Hiedler. When he is 10 his mother dies and he moves to Hiedler’s brother.At age 13 he movesalone to Vienna and starts making it on his own.He makes a good career as acivil servant and becomes aSupervisor in 1875. A very good career for a poor farm boy.

  2. Alois Schicklgruber Change name In the records they misspell Hiedler Alois Hitler Jr And Angela Hitler. Alois Hitler 1876 Wife1 Wife2 Klara Pölzl, 24granddaughter of AloisUncle. Pregnant when they get married 1885 Alois Hitler 1885,48 years old Boy, kid nr 1died as infant. Boy, kid nr 2died as infant. Girl, kid nr 3died as infant. Boy, kid nr 4Adolf Hitler.20/4 1889. This will mean that Klara will be a Chicken Mother.

  3. Welcome to the Hitler’s! Alois Klara Paula b 96 Alois Jr b 83 Angelab ? Adolfb 89 Edmund b 93 Adolf’s Boyhood: In 1895 Hitler starts school and his father retires,the carefree days are over. Alois had been a hard working civil servant andnever got used to the noisy farm life in the house.In 1896 Alois Jr at age 14 runs away from home, never to see his father again. This meant that Adolf was next in line for his father’sharsh treatment.The family moves to Lambach to a flatAdolf attends a monetary school. The school is decorated with swastikas. Adolf does well in school and sings in the choir.He has a talent in drawing buildings from memory.He is treated nice by the priests and often plays priest and gives sermons at home.

  4. Tragedy and trouble: House w garden next to cemetery. In 1898 they move again Adolf in contact w two major interests: German Nationalistic Historyand Drawing. Adolf is very shaken by this. Looking out his room he can se the grave. 1899 Edmund dies 1900 Forced to go to technical school in Linz. Adolf wanted to go to classical school and did poor. The only subject he doeswell in is German History. In Mein Kampf he thankshis history teacher. Hitler identifies himself w the Germans renouncing the multicultural Austrians

  5. In history classes he loves reading about old Nordic myths and ancientGerman kings. This will become central in his ideology. His father dies 1903 Adolf starts failing inschool, deliberately.He does practical jokeson the teachers, notfearing punishmentback home. Adolf is grief-stricken, but decides that he is not going to follow his father’s footsteps and become a civil servant. History is the only subject he loves, he readsbooks on his own. “The leader of the gang” Got drunk and passed out in a ditch. Never drunk alcohol again. Managed to pass some exams in sept 1905 Studies on his own Never got the diploma.

  6. High school drop-out at age 16. His mother urges him to get a job, but Adolf likes sleeping late, draw and read history. He becomes more and more introvert, talking about his politicalideas. Very shy to women. “Stalker” Lives in a fantasy world. Becomes obsessed withWagner’s operas. Becomes interested in architecture He is convinced that he is a misunderstood great artist.

  7. Since he was a high school drop out he wasn’t admitted to the academia for architecture. He decidesto apply for Art School. Tragedy strikes Adolf again: In Jan 1907 his mother is diagnosed for BreastCancer, she is operated but it doesn’t help. The family doctor is a Jew Dr Bloch. Klara gets worst. In October this year Hitler fails the entranceexam to Art School, they call him untalented.He goes back to his mother, not telling her that he failed. Hitler is now very depressed.Seeing his mother weak and ill he consults Dr Bloch and puts her on expensive care.Dec 21 1907 she dies. Hitler is devastated.Hitler owes a lot of money to Dr Bloch, who was touched by Hitler’s grief of his motherand didn’t charge him for all the house-calls.He says he will be forever grateful.

  8. Hitler moves back to Vienna in February 1908. Typical misunderstood artist: Sleeps all day. Thinks he is to good to getan ordinary job.Big plans, but too lazyto carry them through. He fails the entrance examsto art schoolagain. Friends of his say hebecomes more aggressiveand introvert.Hitler’s roommate and best friend pass the exam.Hitler moves out without forwarding address. In February 1910 he moves into a poor men's home. Starts drawing picturesof buildings and selling them to Jewish shop-owners.

  9. Hitler becomes a homeless anti-Semite. Jews are not Germans I am the BEST.But nobody seem to understand my greatness. Adolf Hitler. Germans are the BEST What is really wrong with Austria is Multicultural It is somebody else's fault that I fail. The really scary thing is that Adolf Hitler is notmore anti-Semitic than the average Fritz in Vienna He has Jewish friends, and he does good businesswith them.

  10. Wandering around on the streets of Vienna young Adolf picks up some important influences. He sees orthodox Jews for the first time. He studies anti-Semitic journals and books. He sees effective political propaganda. “I had ceased to be a weak-kneed cosmopolitan and become an anti-Semite.”

  11. Hitler’s personal tragedy and misery + The anti-Semite political climate of Vienna +Hitler’s interest in German History andNordic mythology. = Perfect sense to Hitler. Of cause it is the Jew’s fault. Add Germany’s defeat in World War One and you have yourself a raving antiSemite.

  12. Adolf in the Army. • He moves to Munich in 1913: • To avoid having to serve in the Austrian army. • The Austrian authorities came looking for him. • Hitler wrote back “I never knew the beautiful word Youth”. • Austrian authorities allows Hitler to skip military service. • August 3 1914 Hitler volunteers for the German Army. • Hitler is really happy in the army. • He feels that he belongs to a group again. • He fights in Ypres where his regiment lost 2500 / 3000 men. • He is very lucky in the war. Meters from being killed. • His fellow soldiers remember him as a danger lovingeager-to-see-action dare devil. • In 1916 he is injured in the Battle of Somme. • He is sent back to Berlin for recovery. Here encountersthe anti-war sentiment flourishing in the city. • Hitler blames the Jews for these feelings. • In march 1917 he is sent back to the front at his own request. • In august 1918 he gets the Iron Cross First Class. Jew recommends him. • In oct 1918 he is blinded by a British gas attack outside Ypres. • In hospital he gets the news on nov 10 that the Kaiser has resigned. Germany is now a Republic who lost the war.

  13. “Stab in the back” The General Staff of Germany never admitted to be defeated.Leaders of the army said that hadthey only been allowed to fightthey would have won. Jews and Marxists back home lost thewar, not the army. Returning soldiers formed“Freikorps” – smallprivate armies fightingcommunists. The New Government “November Criminals”are seen as traitors for signing the armisticeand the Versailles Treaty.Part of a Jewish Conspiracy. Hitler is convinced that this isTRUE.

  14. Hitler gets a job as an informer in the German army. He is given the job after informing on a soldier in his company, who is shot for beinga communist. Hitler gets the job to informGerman POW ondangers of Marxism. He notice that he has a talent for speaking in big crowds. His senior officers are impressed by his anti-Semite speeches. Hitler gets schooled inpolitical indoctrination At the University of Munich. Hitler gets the job to infiltrate German Worker’s Party. (DAP)

  15. Hitler joins DAP and forms NSDAP Hitler strongly disagrees: Holds an unpreparedspeech for 15 minutes.Everybody is astounded.The leader of the partyDexler finds him useful. He goes to a meeting.The speaker says “Bavaria should forman own state and joinAustria. Hitler reads Dexler’s pamphletand likes what he sees. Hitler who neverapplied is surprised anddecides to join. Dexler sends him a postcard:We have accepted you as a member. Hitler likes the Nationalistic, pro-military andanti-Semitic ideas, but finds the Party tobe extremely poorly organized.

  16. Hitler has now became aPolititian. At his first speech oct 1919 he proves himself as a true speaker. Hitler becomes in charge ofPropaganda and recruits newmembers. Ernst Röhm. People listening to him aredeeply impressed by his blaming the Jews for allthat is wrong in Germany. He also spoke out againstthe Versailles Treaty. And he is ANTI-MARXIST. Hitler convinced the party that they should holdmass-meetings to rally support. Febr 1920, 2000 people show up.Hitler delivers his 25 points and the movement grows.

  17. Hitler reforms the DAP: • The 25 points: • Union of all Germans in Greater Germany. • Rejection Versailles • Lebensraum for Germany. • Citizenship by race, not to Jews. • All income not earned by work to be confiscated. • Reconstruction of national educational system. • Freedom of religion (not to Jews). • Strong Central government. Hitler creates the flag. He picks the Swastika. This symbol had been used by other anti-Semitic groups incl the Freikorps. This is important since people could associate with the symbol. The white circle and the red background symbolized Social movement (red) and purity of the nationalistic movement (white).This symbol will be put on trucks spreading the political message. Renamed to NSDAPNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

  18. Hitler seizes power over the Nazi Party. Hitler travels to Berlin to organizethe party there. Internal fighting inthe Party.Afraid of Hitler’sdictatorial leadership. When he gets back:Either I leave theparty or you giveme complete power. Knowing that theywould loose membersif Hitler was excludedhe is elected Fuehrerof the partyin July 29 1921. From now on the Nazi party = Adolf Hitler and his ideas. He forms the SA (Stormtroopers) as paramilitarypart of the Nazi Party.

  19. Hitler becomes an internationalcelebrity. Background:German Economy worsened Hyperinflation.In January 1923 French troops occupy Ruhr. In September 23 the German government makes the fatal decision to restart payments. Beer Hall Putsch Nov 9 1923 German Marks / USD

  20. What was the plan? Hitler started to realize that something had to happen, his followers (55 000 nov 23) grew tired of the talks andwanted action.Hitler decides to stage a coup. The first target will be the Bavarian Government,then when that had fallen they would marchto Berlin and seize power there.

  21. What really happened: Hitler and his SA storms a meeting held bythe Bavarian Government nov 8 1923. Hitler enters, fires his gun in the ceiling and shouts ”Silence, The National revolution has begun”. He said that the police and the military were cooperating with them. Noneof this was true. Hitler orders the 3 highest officials of the Bavarian Gov to gather in the back of the room, when theydon’t obey, he says” I have four shots in my gun, the last one is forme” they agree to listen to him and followed him.But the officials didn’t believe Hitler having controlover the army. Hitler acts immediately, runs back to the big hall and holds a speech declaring that the Government has fallen.People in the room thinks that the officials have givenin to Hitler’s demands and starts cheering.

  22. Now General Ludendorff enters and speaks with the Bavarian officials. He gets them to promise that theywill be loyal to Hitler. They enter the big Beer Hall and gives their support to Hitler. Hitler is euphoric and speaks again, but by now the rumors that the nazi haven’t got control over the Army starts to spread. Hitler makes the fatal mistake of deciding to leave theBeer Hall and go in person to the barracksstill resisting the Nazi takeover.

  23. With Hitler gone the leaders of Bavaria sneeks out,promising to remain loyal to Hitler.Something the break the moment they get out. Hitler doesn’t manage to convince the soldiers andreturns to the Beer Hall only to find that the revolution has failed. Under the advise of Ludendorff, Hitler decidesto simply march to the center of Munich and claimthe City as Nazi controlled Hitler hesitated but Ludendorff said that once theyappeared in the streets, the police would supportthem, and nobody would dare to fire on Hitler.

  24. The coup fails. On the morning of Nov 9, 3000 nazisunder the command of Hitler march towards the center of Munich. The police have cut of the city and they stand face face. Hitler shouts ”Surrender!”. But the police wontlisten and firing of guns start.16 Nazis and 3 policemen died. Hitler’s bodyguard takes several bullets and saves his life. Göring was shot in the groin. Hitler crawled along the sidewalk and flees to a friend where he deeply depressed thinks about committing suicide.

  25. Unfortunately somebody talks Hitler out of killinghimself. 3 days later he is arrested. The End of Nazism? NO! Hitler is many things but he is no idiot.He uses the trial as a political forum, he holds his speeches, saying that he and only he baresthe responsability of what happened. He defend himself as a Patriot doing only whata true leader would do. Treason is not possibleafter what the German State have done to it’s people and then he throw in a bit of anti-semitismand he is back in the saddle.The Trial is very big news in media, so unfortunately, The effect i reversed. If he enters the trial as a looser he sure as hell leaves it as a winner.

  26. Hitler is accused of High Treason, a crimeliable with death sentence.Hitler gets 5 years in prison and will be released a few days before Christmas 1924. In Prison Hitler dictates his book ”Mein Kampf”to his secretaryRudolf Hess. The Book is dreadfully boring, Hitler goes on and on about how great he is and what brilliant ideas he has for the future. But it is honest. All of his future action is to be read here. The problem is that few will read it now. With Hitler gone one would imagine that the Nazi party would soon fall to pieces but au contraire, in prison Hitler will have forum spreading his ideas and getting the focus from media which actually will mean that the party survives. In prison Hitler decides that in the future he will get power by using the democracy. No more coups.

  27. A new beginning. Reorganizethe Party. The Nazi Party getsbanned and Hitler isn’tallowed to make any speeches in the State of Bavariafrom 1925 to 1927. • The Nazi Party: • Will form a ”shadow government” • Will be organized nationwide in Gaue (34 districts), Kreise, Ortsgruppe and on streetlevel. • Hitler Jugend is formed • SA is kept but Hitler creates a new elite group • The SS, they will be personally responsible to Hitlerand will work as his bodyguard. Elite Soldiers. • As head of SS he puts Heinrich Himmler. Unfortunately for Hitler the economy is improving in Germanyand the popularity of the Nazi Party plunges.

  28. The Quiet Years 26 - 29 In the election 1927 the Nazi Party gets only oneseat in the Reichtag. Things are clearing up forGermany, people get jobs, inflation stops etc.Hitler buys a place in Berchtesgarden in Bavaria.Things look bad for Hitler, but he is sure that things will change…. On October 29 1929 the Wall Street Crash sets Germany on fire again and Hitler’s time willcome.55 million dead people later Hitler will finally putthat bullet to his head…. How Hitler became Fürher of almost the entire European continent is the next subject on our curriculum.