wild and wonderful jewellery inspired by fauna n.
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Wild and wonderful Jewellery inspired by fauna PowerPoint Presentation
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Wild and wonderful Jewellery inspired by fauna

Wild and wonderful Jewellery inspired by fauna

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Wild and wonderful Jewellery inspired by fauna

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  1. Wild and wonderful Jewellery inspired byfauna Are you done with same-old animal prints on your tights and t-shirts? We have loads of ideas for you. Our wildlife inspired collection goes beyond the usual stripes and spots, to give you a stunning variety of jewellery featuring birds, beasts and more. Here’s our pick of thelot. A royal emblem. A spiritual symbol. Or simply a fun motif. No matter how you look at it, an elephant motif will always be a conversation starter. Here’s our take on the stately animal form our premium Patola collection. Isn’t it gorgeous?

  2. Birds – peacocks, parrots and more – are singing their song and dancing their dance from every corner of our vast collection. Check out these lovely peacocks from our Kutch collection and you will know wheat wemean. There is something special about a perfectly crafted, bejewelled statement ring. Especially if it is shaped like a mythical fish. A bestseller from our Firdaus collection.

  3. The friendliest sea creatures, fun loving and a symbol of harmony and peace – dolphins make for stylish jewellery. Crafted with sterling silver, this pendant is a great gifting option, plus a 9-5 fashionaccessory. You will be surprised by the range of lion/tiger/bear – motif accessories we have for men. Great for gifting – whether it is rakhi or friendship day or even a significant day. And in styles that match your man’s many styles – oxidized, golden, braided, tasseled. Here is just something for yourinspiration. So go ahead, walk on the wild side with our handcraftedjewellery!

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