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Dua to Get back Lost Things

Dua to Get back Lost Things

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Dua to Get back Lost Things

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  1. Duato Get backLostThings

  2. Do you lost some thing very important thing Are you unable to find it.

  3. Are your effort in vein to find it. Do you want to get it back.

  4. Then you need not to worryhere is very powerful Duawhichwill help you to find your lost things in very short time period.

  5. Ingredients to cast the spell:-

  6. Peper Pen white cloth

  7. Perfume One needle  White thread

  8. Procedure to cast the spell:-

  9. Take a blank paper Write the given Dua on paper.

  10. Dua “  WaJa’alnaamimbaniraydeehim Saddanw- wa min Khalfihimsaddanfaasgharnahum fathom laayubsiroon“

  11. Now fold the paper 7 times wrap it into white paper

  12. Spray perfume on it Stick the white cloth with needle

  13. Place it at your front . Now read Daroodsharif for 7 times.

  14. Then read this Dua for 21 times After Dua blow on the cloth

  15. Follow this procedure for 11 daysregularly Keep that cloth n paper under your pillow while sleep daily.

  16. In your dream you will see your lost thing

  17. Precautions needs to follow:-

  18. Use red pen only  Start this Dua form thursday .

  19. Woman do not follow it during their periods.


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