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So You Want to Have a Meeting? PowerPoint Presentation
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So You Want to Have a Meeting?

So You Want to Have a Meeting?

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So You Want to Have a Meeting?

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  1. So You Want to Have a Meeting? Karen JohnsonMeeting Planning & Services ManagerInternet2 Traci DowneyMeeting Services CoordinatorInternet2

  2. So You Want to Have a Meeting? • Introduction • Lots of staff interest in meeting planning processes • Much is, or will be, changing regarding these processes • Recently formed VMT (Virtual Meeting Team) • Will present some basic information and open up to questions • Please feel free to send questions or comments to

  3. So You Want to Have a Meeting? • Meeting Chair’s Responsibilities • Assessment on possible dates and locations (city and/or specific venue) • Attendance: Projection on numbers, attendance policy (Internet2 members only?), attendance cap, • Assessment of required meeting space/times • Estimated budget and income options (registration fee, sponsorship, in conjunction with another organization, etc.) • Non program related activities, off site activities (reception, dinner, etc.) • Assessment of connectivity needs • Assessment of audio/visual needs • Program development and speaker coordination/communication

  4. So You Want to Have a Meeting? • Meeting Team’s Responsibilities • Lodging (Site visit/evaluation, contract negotiation, attendee hotel block, staff hotel block, transportation between conference hotel and off-site activities) • Meeting Space (Site visit/evaluation, contract negotiation, secure meeting space at conference hotel or off-site venue, assist in budget planning/development/management, security arrangements, A/V arrangements, Food/Beverage arrangements, liaison between meeting chairperson(s) and hotel staff) • Meeting Support (Pre-registration, registration fee collection, badge production, materials production, on site registration, signage, on site support, liaison between meeting chairperson(s) and attendees, select/purchase attendee giveaway, material & supplies shipping)

  5. So You Want to Have a Meeting? • Meeting Team’s Responsibilities (cont.) • Reception/Non program related activities (Site visit/evaluation, secure venue, plan/execution of event, budget development, A/V needs, Food/Beverage needs, entertainment, transportation) • Post meeting details (Thank you’s, financial reconciliation, attendee evaluation analysis, attendance analysis)

  6. So You Want to Have a Meeting? • What Can Go Wrong • Financial responsibility for unused hotel rooms • Hotel surcharges for last minute audio/visual/food/beverage orders • Additional shipping costs for overnight shipping versus two day shipping • Printer surcharges for late submittals • Costs associated with using an outside vendor for services that could be done in house given enough time (ie document copying) • Dropped details (hotel staff, Internet2 meetings staff) due to late changes • Misinterpretations between Internet2 and other organizations hosting a meeting in conjunction with Internet2

  7. So You Want to Have a Meeting? • The process of a meeting request Yikes! It worked—I’d better start creating a program with speakers and everything! It’s time to head off to Atlanta (DC, Boulder, Tempe…) and execute a perfect meeting! We should have a meeting! I’ll call Karen! I’ve worked my magic and here are your room rates, cut off dates, deadlines, etc. Let’s get the key players together to discuss details. Traci says: I’d better get started on all the REALLY hard work..registration, payment collection, materials production…. What are the dates in mind? Where do you want to have this? What space do you need? I’m off to the hotel for a site visit and contract negotiation! Let’s circle one last time to make sure we’ve finalized everything!

  8. So You Want to Have a Meeting? Please send questions, comments and concerns to for consideration. Thank You!

  9. So You Want to Have a Meeting? • 6-8 meetings projected per year at KJ hire • 24 meetings first year, 52 meetings second year, 45 meetings third year (only one other person hired since first year) • 9 meetings turned down this year due to full schedule Meetings turned down 1 NPPAC Meeting1 VoIP Workshop1 Multicast Workshop6 IPv6 Workshops