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Vulcan Peanut Ball

Vulcan Peanut Ball

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Vulcan Peanut Ball

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  1. Vulcan Peanut Ball £70.00 PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS PRE-ORDER – STOCK EXPECTED EARLY AUGUST 2018 – VIBRATING PEANUT BALL. USE CODE Intro20 for 20% discount expires 31/07/18 ULTIMATE MASSAGE BALL WITH HEAT & VIBRATION. TESTED AND RECOMMENDED BY THERAPISTS AND TRAINERS. INSTANT PAIN RELIEF AND FAST RECOVERY FROM WORKOUT, IDEALLY FOR CROSSFIT, WEIGHTLIFTING AND VIGOROUS WORKOUTS. ENJOY MASSAGE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Best Self-Massage Tool for Trigger Point, Myofacial Release, Acupressure, Moxibustion, Reflexology Therapies Heat provides a comfortable temp around 40 C and stay hot up to 2 hours on a full charge. Fast recovery. ˚

  2. The idea of the Vulcan heating vibrating massage Ball is to relieve the pain from sports and daily tasks. Not everyone can afford to get a daily or even weekly massage. Purchasing one Vulcan Ball which is less than a couple of professional treatments that will allow you to perform an effective and comfortable self-massage anytime, anywhere to pursue a move-free and pain-free healthy lifestyle in your Box, Gym where ever. IN the car or on a plane, using Vulcan ball behind your neck and lower back, or under thighs and feet. Massage yourself while traveling. IN THE BOX, GYM: Using Vulcan Ball to perform Myofascial Release to your muscles before and after your workout routine will decrease the chances of injury, enhance your movement efficiency, increase your performance and flexibility. IN THE WORK PLACE: Use the Vulcan Ball for postures correction tool while you are sitting. Simply put Vulcan ball between your lower back and chairs. You will sit upright in a good posture right away. Using Vulcan ball to roll away the soreness and pains in wrists, hands, arms, neck, shoulder and backs from long period of using computers etc. AT HOME: After a long day at work, just spend 10 minutes using Vulcan Ball, you will have a whole body massage from head to toe for complete body relaxation. You will have a better sleep to rejuvenate and revitalise your body. Vibrating Peanut Ball Details: Size:17cm x 9cm 2) Material:Silicone Rubber with ABS 3) Textured Surface and heat to promote deep tissue and trigger point massage 4) Colour: Black Data information of the Vibrating Ball: Voltage 9V 1A Timer 10mins Accessories: UK charging Adapter Battery specification DC 7.4V 2200mAh Adapter output 1.0A ≥ Rechargeable lithium batteries 2 hours to full charged;1.5~5.5 hours use. Operating instructions -One button to control functions, 4 intensity levels . Vibration Levels  Level 1 – Low (1600RPM)  Level 2 – Medium (2000RPM)  Level 3 – Pulsating (1200 to 2800RPM)  Level 4 – High (3000RPM) –Rechargeable lithium batteries. 2 hours to full charged, 1.5-5.5 hours use depending on settings.

  3. –Can be used in Physical therapy,relieve tight muscle of whole body. hands, arms, abdomen, waist and legs. For more details visit the links: Heated gloves, Waterproof heated gloves, Heated Cycling gloves, Heated ski liners, Heated Gilet & Heated Golf Gilet.